Monday, December 2, 2013

23 Days and Counting

So before anyone asks about this pie and where is the recipe? You can find it here This is the first pumpkin pie since going dairy and egg free that has turned out. OH and using my own pumpkin. It did take an hour to cook. Normally when I get the 90 minute mark I normally give up.
On the flip side Tucker ate every single bite of this pie. I kid ya not.
So my kids have been counting down to Christmas since we were at the 50 day mark. We are now at 23 days and I'm not freaking out. In fact today we got Christmas all set up. Because we keep it simple in under an hour it was all brought in, set up and empty totes taken out. I love how simple we keep things. When I was growing up it would take a whole weekend and then some. I don't understand the point. And even when my mother moved she didn't downsize her shed and attic full of Christmas. Nope she took it all with her.
So why I'm I not freaking out? Well because I started shopping months ago. I watch things, I wait for sales, I use coupons, store credit, and swagbucks. I have spent very little on Christmas. Although don't get me wrong, my kids do not get a big Christmas. Nor do they need one. They will get 2-3 things each. BUT they get something they really want, verses me just getting something to fill under the tree and over load their bedrooms.
And this will led us until our very simple year next year. No extra buying, we will make do, we will save every penny and pay down the house. If we can hold on for a year to a year and a half and make this work, then we are really setting ourselves up for a great future. Well and if not, then we could use a serious butt kicking. BUT I have to remind myself not to be like my parents. I never want to put my kids through the hell of loosing a house.
Although I have a worry of something major coming up to detour this. Like last year and a broken arm. So anymore broken bones and we will use duct tape and make do (I'M JOKING) 

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