Friday, December 27, 2013

Goals and Upcoming 2014

Since I'm stuck with a sleeping puppy, thought it was time to write this post.
I'm praying that 2014 is a much better year then 2013. 2013 was just full of stress, it was long and never ending, and brought us our first broken bone. It also brought us two puppies.
I for one have felt lost. A lot going on, ever so busy. We had started the year wanting to do a Mortgage Challenge. Well all that was changed when hubby decided a truck was MORE important. I didn't find that the case. BUT I let it go, because after the truck was bought, we were suppose to start back in on paying down the Mortgage. Well except we had never ending medical bills that needed money. And then came a broken arm, that we are still paying on. From 2k down to about 400ish. Not bad. BUT.
Hubby got his truck, and he is happy. But the gas mileage SUCKS. So he is still stuck taking my van to work and back.
So now that 2014 is starting and I'm so praying it's a better year. We start up the Mortgage Challenge once again on the first Friday of the year. I will be updating as we go. I'm so excited. Why? Well we can't afford our mortgage as it is. BUT we love our house. And, yes we may want to move someday, because honestly we need more land. But having money in the house will really help down the road. I also see it as part of our retirement. Life will be much better if we don't have a Mortgage payment in the future. I'm hoping to get our Mortgage low enough to do one final re-fi get rid of mip and have a payment we can afford. Although I worry about all the new rules. I haven't sat down to really read them.
We have three months of mortgage payments saved up. Of course in order to save we have to hand money over to someone. But I'm hoping to have about 5 months worth by the end of next year.
We finally opened a Roth IRA this year. We do have a 401k through work and it's a matching so we have been putting our money there. And building it up there. So far it's a 100% match. Of course we can't put much away so that may change as we change stuff in the future.
Our 401k loan will be paid off in March. YEAH! And since we live without that money anyway we will change it right over to retirement putting about 50 away a week and if that is matching that is 400 a month, plus the 100 we give our investment lady. Finally retirement is starting to look like something we can actually do in the future. WAY down the road.
We are gutting the front yard garden beds. All the wood is nearly bought. So next month we will start gutting, setting up new beds and more beds.
We need to finish the kids new play area. I'm also working on one of their houses out there. More on that later.
I'm hoping for a BIG garden year. Working my tail off to use up the food in the house so I'm ready for next years harvest.
And as I have felt lost looking for something to do with me. I don't want to spend tons of time on the computer and making money on my blog and this and that. No that isn't me. Sure I could do sewing and have plans there. Back before kids and hubby and work. I was making crafts and doing a craft show every weekend to make rent. I did that some as I had Ethan, when Tucker came along it was too much. But yet messing with Ebay I wasn't happy with them much. Yeah the money was good. On a good week made 1-500 bucks. But yeah I've done it I want to do something new.
Well I found it, I am SOOOOOOOo excited and I will be blogging coming up once I have one made. I'm hoping "hoping" that it goes well and I really like it. That I can do between 10-20 and hit the local craft show. This is the show to sell at. I know the lady that runs it and I would sell something that isn't sold there and she is always looking for different.
Although I found out my mother went to the last sale. The one I couldn't make because medical bills were killing us. Thinking wouldn't it be a hoot if I'm selling there and she shows up?
So now I need to think of a business name? I have a business license, so I need to go and look on that at what names we put down. Although looking for something new and fresh. One that comes to mind because we know it won't be long before Ethan joins me. is ME designs. Standing for Marcie Ethan Designs. But really don't know need to think on things?
Hoping with keeping myself busy, it will lesson stress. Stops me from thinking about the Mortgage Challenge.
I want to spend more time off the computer and away from TV. TV is all ready off all day as it is. I'm sure not in it for the money. It's more about letting me be creative. I think that is my biggest problem. I have so many ideas and thoughts stuck in me and I need to let them out. So wait for that upcoming post. I'm excited that I found something and was like THATS IT!
I'm hoping in laws make it another year. I hope things with mom are civil. They will never be perfect. BUT, I'll take civil. I hope the Mortgage Challenge goes well. I hope for no more puppies! Well or goats for that fact! I hope the garden is well this year. I hope I can have sanity 60% of the time this year? I hope to be hit with nothing major. I hope no more broken bones or medical issues. I hope the family reunion goes well, I worry that many of the older ones won't be there this year. As they are getting older. And getting old sucks.
I just want a good quiet year. A year that lets me get back to my roots of being really creative. I want to use my boundless energy.

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