Tuesday, December 18, 2012


First Tucker had a sewing lesson....Did pretty ok.

Made his own rice pack. So far the rice has stayed in, so I think we are ok?

Then Tucker finished his English book. I can't tell ya how much I hate this book. Many times it went flying down the hallway as I was just frustrated. Often pages didn't have directions. The teachers book stopped half way through the book. Which hinders us, as Tucker would read the words and I would follow along in the teachers book in the kitchen. So he was getting a lot of extra reading. But that stopped when the teachers book stopped. There is no part 2 as far as I can tell. After much thinking we are just changing English all together. We are working on some filler now until after Christmas break.


So we have an alarm on our driveway, anyone who walks or drives in the driveway and the alarm goes off. So I'm laying on the couch, and the alarm is going off like crazy, so I finally get up thinking the circus has come to town! My eyes were just not open, I glance and I see no one, so I continue to the bathroom, where I hit the hallway, my eyes bug open and I back track. IT'S A DEER!

This is the first deer in our yard, like ever. So I called the boys and grabbed the camera.

The deer nimbled on some strawberries and then walked ever so carefully around the fence and over to the neighbors. I had our cat going nuts, he couldn't understand what this thing was. 

The Quilt

Had this quilt idea pop into my head. And of course I can't get it out of my head until I break down and design it. Because I have many more behind this one.

This came together pretty fast. I used the cricut to design it, using the beach cartridge.

You can see the close up of the Sand Dollars.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tree Skirt (blanket) & A Cheap Christmas Present

So I finished the tree skirt today. Sadly I worked so hard and the fabric is just too pretty I couldn't bear to cut a hole in it. So we have a tree blanket. I can not tell ya how awesome this looks in person. So happy with it. It really just makes the tree now.

Now if you normally get a Christmas gift from my boys STOP READING NOW!!!!

Isn't it funny how things just happen to fall into your lap? I have been racking my brain on ideas for gifts my boys could make this year. They make something every year for people. Well today something fell into my lap. My mother was down, because she just thinks I can magically fix sewing machines. Well I need to order a part so she is stuck. So she asked me to finish up her sewing project. She took on a sewing project for a friend of hers. My mother took on a project and DIDN'T have a sewing machine? So my mother bought a used sewing machine from a lady who said OH it works fine. NOT. But I"ve known this friend for all my life, I'm happy to do it for her. Plus I like helping people give hand made gifts.

So the sewing project is rice heating packs. I finished up the started one today. And Ethan really liked one and wanted one, I wished him luck. That darn kid went looking through my towels. NO you can't use my towels. OH goat towels. He went through my tote on the deck of towels I use on the goats. This towel has not been used on a goat, it was a new used towel. He washed it in the washing machine, learned how to use the dryer, and he sewed it up on my machine. I helped him add the rice and do the last few stitches and he was done.

So sitting here racking my brain again and DUH. Ethan can sew, he can make these himself. We can do a heating pad and an ice pack. So I just went and got all my flannel and it's in the wash so we are ready to go tomorrow. I believe the only thing I will need to buy is rice. So by next week we should have a good pile of rice bags.