Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I made cupcakes. Just a few 6 batches, 12 cupcakes per batch, that is a few cupcakes. Well I got a bit carried away. I found a new book Friday and got all excited I could make recipes out of it and not have to sub anything! Now when you are many things free that is exciting. check her out. She has a new cookbook out. And it's amazing. The first photo is chocolate chip cupcakes and chocolate chip frosting. The second photo is vanilla cupcakes, the frosting is amazing. And Indian Tree Natural Colors.

So apparently after one taste of the vanilla cupcakes I was told I was the BEST mom in the world. And the kids at Tuckers party will LOVE them.

So these were birthday cupcakes and not one complaint. No kids got wind they were eating allergy free cupcakes. I had one kid take a few to eat on the way home. Someone asked about the sugar and I did mention it was organic, that could be why the mom let the child take a few home.

Although I will tell ya the chocolate cupcakes did not make it. I think my oven is really acting up and raised the temp towards the end and that is why they have the burnt taste. Although my kids ate them up.

Enjoy her book, I know I will.