Thursday, June 16, 2016


Crazy busy weeks, of course what week isn't crazy busy right? Our water system is in. YEAH. Got the timer on the front yard and it works great. YEAH. Just put in the back yard timers so hopefully I wake up tomorrow to sprinklers going? Tell ya it will free up a ton of my time. I can actually leave the house during the day. I will still have some hand watering to do. But it should take me ten minutes, not hours on end. 

I often find these two like this. Nose to nose sleeping. 

So I FINALLY got my birthday present. So hubby missed the birthday, no happy birthday, no nothing. Just another day to him. It does hurt, but frankly after 15 years he won't ever remember. So the other day we run to Home Depot and checking out he picks up an ad. Told him not too, but he did. Well cooking dinner he looked at the ad. A lot of OMG what a great deal, and before we knew it we were heading back to Home Depot after dinner to pick up something I have been wanting for years. Granted I had to pay for half of it. Do you all know how much trouble I can get into with a nail gun? You all have no idea the amount of trouble I can get into now. 

This is a project I have planned after we return from camping in a few weeks. I have been buying samples of stain, trying to find the right ones for this project. I finally found the right mix of about 5 different colors. Just wait until you see what I'm doing with these samples. And I get to use the nail gun.....

Tomorrow we are building a picnic table for the neighbors, she is getting a picnic table and two side serving tables. Like buffet tables. After a stain/paint debate, I took over some samples of my light stains and she fell in love with Honey. SOOOO excited to finally be able to use Honey on something. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Debit Card Fraud

I'm sure many of you remember a few years ago, we got hit with check fraud. The bank cleared a funny looking check and it cleaned out our bank account. Which sucked at the time because of the timing, the day before Mortgage was to be taken out. 

Well since that day, I check the bank account at least daily, but some days I'm checking 4-6 times. I'm always checking. Also since that day, our checks are cleared by a person, not a machine. Yet on the other hand, I maybe write 4-6 checks a year. We are cash only people, but sometimes we use the debit card. 

Like to reserve come camping sites coming up, and this and that. I don't use it often, because weekly we go to the bank we pull out our weekly money and pay cash for everything.
So the other day I'm checking the bank account and there is a weird charge. Hum? Thinking I did something odd, I did just order from ebay, so checked that out and no that cleared two days prior. It's not an amazon thing. In fact I don't remember the last time I have touched my debit card. So I debate all day, and nothing came to me, so I googled the name. Tagged. Come to find out they find cc numbers and charge them 9.99 a month. Oh I think not.
I called the bank the next morning. It was my card, my card was cancelled and two days later the pending charge was removed. So I didn't loose 10 dollars. Because to us ten dollars is a lot of money. When one makes about ten dollars an hour, it's an hours worth of work.
So it's important to keep your eyes on your bank account. Check every charge and question things. If something is odd, call your bank.
So yet again, we've been hit, But luckily it wasn't bad. Grateful for that. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Part Time Work

So we've (my hubby and I) work part-time for the neighbor, she wants her house just re-done. If we can't do the work we tell her. But right now she picks a project and we take a week to work on it. She pays us by the hour. Some projects take 4 hours, some take over 12.
This is how we are saving for a second car. Had to pause that for a wee bit and we are putting in a watering system in the back yard. Something we can't afford, but have been wanting to do it for years. Hopefully before our trip it will be all done and on timers????? We shall see.
So this has been a three part project. It started with painting the fire place. She will be getting a new insert so we didn't paint that. 

Part two was building a mantel. At first she wanted it painted gray, but I took stain samples over and they fell in love with a stain. It's Jocobean. It's a brown/black. very interesting, but it works well for this project. 

This is the trim she picked. 

Part three, she wanted shelves. These suckers took forever. From ripping them, she wanted a special paint job on them the distressed look. She saw it on something we did on our house, but she wanted a gray distress. Ok then. 

This is how it looks now. I would have stained the shelves. But it's her house. We just finished the shelves this afternoon. 

The paint job. 

Trim doesn't show up well, but it's the same as the mantel, just a smaller version. 

This was a past project. She wanted beds for her grandsons. Although now she has exchange students coming in. OY. Well at least she has beds for them now? 

Neighbor came over tonight and said we MUST do the paint job and trim on all future projects. We have this shoe tree project thingy to do, and shelves in the bathroom. OK if you like it that much. Although our next project for her is a picnic table and two side serving tables. But that will be in about two weeks, as we are pausing she is having septic issues and so she is working 12 hour days to pay for that fix coming up next week.
So this pause allows me to work on my own projects. I have a lot of things in the works, so stay tuned. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Update

We are painting the house....We narrowed it down to four colors. We have picked one....We'll show you later, we won't be painting for about a month or so. 

Got the garden planted. FINALLY. only running nearly two weeks late. 

Blogger will only let me upload four photos. so....But the garden is planted. have to do a garden post later. 

We are in the midst of putting in a watering system in the back yard. Like we have in the front yard. Nearly have part one done, it's broken down into 3 parts, well maybe four. Would love to get it all set up and on timers to free up my summer. I have a house to paint. A kitchen to re-do (more on that later). Mucking to do and a clean out of the goats. A play area to clean up. Plus a list a mile long from next door. We just built a mantel, we are close to installing it, either tomorrow or Tuesday, depends on how dry it is.
About 99% of the garden is planted. Tomorrow it should be 99.50% I have one tray left and a few odds and ends. Tomorrow starts the first round of fish poop, we will stake the ones that need staking, and next week work on staking the rest. Now that the heat wave is over, well one more day, it's time to get the garden in shape.