Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lego Storage

So we went and got Cole this table. Surplus about ten bucks or so. He was in love. BUT he needed storage. So we designed something, but then the heat wave it. So yesterday we ran down to home depot found a cheap board of lp, had them cut it to size, although the guy was blind. Like seriously. But since it was for us I let it go and we just went with it. We had a board here of scrap to cut up, and off we went. Thanks to my lovely new nail gun.

Now to buy a few more plastic containers. Cole is in love with this storage system. Now to get the other boys thinking of what they may need?

I Spy

We thought this peach tree died. It was brown when all the others were green and growing and lush. But we left it because we didn't have the time to dig it up. Well then it started to grow, and turn green and really shoot up.

Then I'm out working under the peach trees taking care of my rose hips when I look up and started to sequel. We have a peach! One whole whopping peach.

We've had these trees for years. Like 5 plus years. We are getting pears and cherries, but no peaches. So hoping next year? although watch us not be here next year???? Sigh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We've Painted

My arm is about to fall off, but three sides of our house is painted. We are taking a break and probably try and pick it back up this weekend? Here are some before and after's. I adore the blue. It's called Crater Lake. There are times you look at it and it's blue, and other times it's green. It's a great color and a BIG change. But we needed a BIG change.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Wall

Remember these?

The Before.

The After

These are stained cedar boards. Took many, many stain colors before we settled on these. First project in the dining/kitchen make over Done.