Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Yeah, it's been a while.

We started school last week. Just got through day 7 and actually doing pretty well. Although it's only day 7.

These two start math at night when mom is much calmer and awake. They finish up I the morning before I get up.

These two have to do drawing twice a week. That seems to be going well.

Our bathroom sprung a leak. I went to wash a kid and realized the floor was wet. no really wet. After looking under the house and realized it didn't go through the wood, we looked on top and realized the supply line is leaking. I had to pull up the floor and trim and such. Just Sigh.

So I'm freaking tired of my kitchen. I'm done. Want to remodel it but of course we have no money. So I have to do every thing myself. Which isn't too bad. After some paint samples we narrowed it down to three blues.

ok that isn't blue.

We picked a blue, I also sanded down the cabinets and stained them a dark walnut. It's taking time, weather and time is working against me. But I got half a wall of cabinets done.

I am making the trim myself and staining it. I am ripping down some cedar.

So far I have spent ten dollars out of pocket for the stain. The paint was a gift card we got back from painting the house. I still have another wall of cabinets to stain. I have two counters to figure out, and a back splash to do. But such an improvement.

A lot going on as usual, It's been a horrible year for the garden. I have only done two pots of tomato sauce. I'm starting to harvest the pumpkins. Basil sucked. Peppers are growing, but are not turning colors. I have gotten a whopping two cucumbers and 3 zucchini's.

Need to get out and start gutting the garden.

School is going and so far so good.

I am staining the cabinets. And I still have a laundry room to paint. We still have the outside of the house to finish painting.

Plus I'm knee deep in updating the family tree. That means contacting lots and lots and lots of cousins and finding cousins I didn't know I had and contacting them. It's crazy. But will be worth it when I'm done.