Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Room Is DONE!!!

THE ROOM IS DONE!!!! So remember a wee back my son wanted a new room and wanted it as Mickey. Well we got the red and blues done and then late last week Mr. Ethan had this idea that he and brother would sleep on baby's floor in sleeping bags so Mommy could work in the room. Well OK then, but I did need to get the room done so I took advantage of the time. I got in there and painted. Well tonight on the fourth night I am proud to say we are 95% done and the boys can see their room tomorrow. See we have not let them see anything mommy did in that room. So right now they have no idea of what is on the wall besides the blues and reds.

We still have a few tiny touch ups and need to hang the curtains. But come morning I will be showing two boys their new room. We have moved things around to give Ethan an art desk and room for a book case for his paper and such. Photos are below, one is too dark, sorry's.

It looks so much better in person!

Monday, August 3, 2009


So what does one do with over 20 pounds of peaches? They can them. Num, Num. I can not tell you how good my kitchen smelled tonight. OMG.

First up we did a batch of Peach Butter. I added cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. Oh the smell. Heavenly.

Next up I did Zesty Peach Barbecue's Sauce. I ended up doing two double batches. Separately of course. Two different pans. I can't wait to cook this up with some of my canned chicken. The smell was amazing.

Both recipes came from this book. A book I picked up this year and have used it many times so far. I will be picking up tomatoes on Sunday and doing some more Barbecue sauces next week. Things like this will be wonderful when I have about 20 minutes to cook dinner.

Go and get this wonderful book! I highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Sad Day In My World

So about a month before my son's birthday my older son, he came to me and said Mom I don't want any gifts. Good thing I was sitting for that? Mom instead can we paint my room? So on the verge of tears I asked how he wanted his room painted? He showed me a photo of a Mickey Mouse room. Oh how sad. But I gave it and said sure but not until after your birthday.

Well here it is after his birthday and he still wants his room painted. We have bought half the paint so looks like we are doing this.

The sad thing is when I was 5 months along with him I painted his current room. I did this all by hand. Well with my projector, but every paint stroke was by hand. And now I must say goodbye to this room. The room that took a few months to work on as I had the time. He says he has outgrown it. What can a mom to do?

Stay tuned for the new Mickey Room....