Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TOMATOES & Weekly Update

Well yeah true I'm going longer then one week at a time. BUT I'm up to my ears in tomatoes.
Our goal is to have this green house nearly empty by this weekend. But one problem?
I'm plum out of space in the garden.
Well I'm down to two rows in the green house, and they are spread out so I can match up tomatoes and plant them together. I still have a lot of planting ahead of me. 

These are my two new beds. They kinda filled up fast. 

More tomatoes

More tomatoes 

More tomatoes

More tomatoes

I do have this semi empty new bed. Guess what we may be buying and moving this weekend to fill the bed for tomatoes? 

I've had to get out buckets. I now have buckets all over the back yard and it's still not enough.

Henry Fonda was the first rose to bloom this year. 

So every spare second is spent in the garden. Hoping to have nearly everything planted by this weekend. Also hoping to get Tuckers' new flower bed into place. This child, He comes to me one day and was like Mom I seriously need more garden space (hum wonder where it comes from?) So we had an idea, I'm tearing out an old strawberry bed because even with weed block and taking care of it the grass is overwhelming and it over takes the strawberries. So we are going to build up the bed to about 2 feet high, and Tucker will be able to have it.
We are trying to finish up schooling for the year. I so want to be done with school. So I'm trying when I get up in the morning to do school and not run into the garden and be there all day. Dang it's hard. Really hard. Cole's math is on hold, he is so stinking far ahead, so we are pausing and he works on math facts on the kindle. He loves it and it will really help when we start back up again. He knows the facts, but I want to get him moving faster.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm Baaaaack....

Tell ya when chaos hits it hits. Well on my old computer, I got a warning the hard drive was dying, needs to be replaced. After some googling I though I could do this, so I ordered a new one. Got it and nothing but black. After much googling about that (on another computer) I decided to return the hard drive and save for a new computer.
Well I have a new computer, nothing fancy, just need internet.
Well saving for the computer, hubby had two weeks off from work. We took two weeks off from school. And started to tackle our list of to do's.
Make a goat play thingy. Done. It has three layers, or steps. 

Build a new side gate. We only really replaced the rotten wood, to save money. So it will look funny for a bit. We also did a new goat gate, but I somehow missed that photo. That gate just fell off and apart, and I'm shocked the goats didn't figure it out and leave?

This critter showed up in the yard, just to pass away. With all the birds flying around, he probably hit the house or something. He couldn't fly and just no perk left in him. 

I bought this. Just need to figure out where to place it.

We built a gate to go from the neighbors to our back yard. We put in a pathway, with stones and mulch. It's a start.

Hubby built this. 

Then this fell down. No one was hurt. We will put it back up later, we need some supports or something. 

We dug up all this grass, and weed blocked. Now just need mulch, some planters are going in-between the pear trees. Pavers will go in to walk on. It will take time as money is short. Turnip are popping up. 

This tomato! Bloody Butcher. Spouted yellow flowers. So I kicked it out of the green house. I harden him off and planted him. First tomato out the door. If no more yellow flowers, then about the 15th I will debate when to plant the rest. They will have to be planted in stages. Some are so ready now and some probably more towards the end of the month. 

Another photo of the neighbors gate and what she will walk into. That bed in front is a new pumpkin bed. We will now have two pumpkin beds going. 

Chives are doing well. Yes, we are chive freaks and have a chive bed. 

The green house. Over 500 tomatoes are in here. Three shelves full. 

Just staying really busy well hubby was home. We were out working when it wasn't raining. We were in working when it was raining. And the list is still not done. But sadly hubby returned back to work today.
We are currently working in the kids play area. We are removing grass, removing wood chips, then raking it out, and putting in new grass. It's so un-even back there. It's just ugly. So work on that over the next few weeks.
We cleaned out our bedroom. Wanted to gut it, it has become a collect all, to the point you couldn't get in there. We are still not done, BUT we have a floor, we can walk and breath in there. We removed 14 boxes for goodwill. 4 totes for under the house. Where did all that crap come from? We removed the growing rack, it's under the house for now.
We are starting school back up on Monday. We made a plan and should be finished up mid June. But things like history are nearly done, so once it's done it's done. Leaving more time for English. English will continue until done. During summer we will do Science, and typing. Ethan may be doing some writing. On another note, I've been freaking out about school, more towards high school. We are ok now, but the higher grades are coming. Been hoping for an answer, and I think one has finally fell into our laps. It's through a local school district and it's online. So we will go in, in about two weeks to their open house and chat. I like that idea. I think it will be a good fit for Ethan. Ethan has lots of questions, I just can't answer. So this will be good for him to ask the teachers. It's only for 6th grade and above. So only Ethan would start. Leaving the other two to continue what we are doing.