Thursday, May 13, 2010

No More Little Buddy Juniors

Well it happened today. The vet was out and took care of our baby issue. We found the cause of all of these babies and fixed it.

Here is someone waking up after being knocked out. Poor Buddy. He was out and oh I bet things hurt?

And because we have to keep him warm and can't have him out walking like a goat that has been drinking he was put into our laundry room. Yep the same room 3 of his babies were born in.
Now my son my middle son Tucker who I think will grow up to work with Animals in one way or another was right by the vet's side. He watched the whole glory thing, he got the vet anything she needed. He asked every question you could think of and she answered them to a point.
Now the question to be answered is how many babies will we end up with? I'm currently on labor watch with one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jack & Emma

Well since my youngest are a week old in a few hours it's probably time to name them. Now this has been so hard as we have been going through last week and OMG. What a week it was. We had 8 babies born total. We lost 3. We lost two from birth two and sadly we lost one of the triples that I helped deliver in my laundry room. My little pygmy's are not meant to have triplets. I sure tried but Becca's baby number two just was not strong enough.

So naming Jelly and Beans was easy. Trooper came as he was such a trooper being adopted by another mom and doing really well with his adopted brother and sissy and mom. It's honestly like 3 peas in a pod.

So to name my twins after the week I had. What do name them? WHAT? With each day they were doing well, I thought they need a name, but scared to name them with us losing three. But they are eating and growing and doing well with mommy so they need a name.

I really liked Jack and Jill but I didn't like Jill for a girl until someone mentioned I could call her Jilly, but Jelly and Jilly was hard to think about. So what to name them? WHAT. I did some googling last night and came across Jack and Emma. PERFECT. Jack and Emma it is.

So with my oldest being 9 days old it's time to let them loose out of the momma pen and let them run and mingle with the other goats. Thought we would start this on Monday and let them out for 3-4 hours a day and then put them back.

Things went really well today, we moved Dale, Chip (big pack goats) and Buddy (daddy) into the dog pen. I went and opened the mommy pen and it was like I opened the world to them. Jelly and Trooper ran and played and jumped and flipped. Oh they had a ball. They found buckets to jump and play in they found some pallets. They found other goats to bug. They had a ball. Beans we have an issue with Beans as his front knee is swollen and he limps along, he doesn't want to walk on his leg. He tried so hard to keep up with brother and sissy but could not. We have a call into the vet and as soon as I can get her out here to look at him and let us know what is going on with him, will let you all know.

Now Jack and Emma did a lot of running and playing as well, walking around and snooping. Jack is a snuggle bug you sit down and he is in your lap. Emma tried at times to keep up with Jelly but I had to explain to Emma that Jelly is a few days older it will take some time to catch up to her.

But so fun to watch them run and play today. All the other goats were really good to the babies. No major head butting. But there was a lot of standing and staring and I'm sure asking what are these little things running around?

Jack and Emma.

Jack and Emma very tired after a few hours of playing. Emma has the white mark on her rear. So cute.

Four babies and mommy Sierra. Sierra is mommy to Jelly the white one, Beans the black one and adopted son Trooper not pictured.

Jelly, Trooper and Beans playing.

Oh Tires a babies best friend. Jelly and Trooper had a ball with the tires.

OK we got the muddy years old muck pit GONE we spent two hard days clearing out this cr** and now we have a nice flat dry area we have plans now for a massive feeding area with an attached play area. So stay tuned for that as we are drawing up plans tonight. We are re-working the water system this Friday and then getting started on this new feeding system. I will blog it as we go. I'm so excited not only is the muck mud pit gone but what we are designing to put in it's place. You thought the goat house was something just wait. We are going to have the coolest goats on the block. (we have the only goats on the block).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, More babies!

I will say it was a day/night from h-e double hockey sticks. Since our 5 surprised on Friday I have been watching the other four girls like a hawk. I go out every morning, afternoon and evening and check for labor.

I went out Monday morning and noticed Becca was in labor. (white goo pouring from her rear) don't ask I have done a ton of research since Friday. Well didn't Becca know my schedule? Could she have not scheduled this better?

So our day was changed as hubby took boys up to school and errands and I stayed home and watched over the laboring goat. We put a leash on her and walked her very slowly to the momma goat pen so she would be with Sierra and be able to labor without all the other goats running around her and stressing her out. I kept the leash on her. She is not a person goat so if she broke loose I could be able to catch her asap and put her back.

So I watched and watched and watched. I went out nearly every 30 minutes and nothing. I watched from the house and nothing. Load after load of laundry getting towels ready. Working on my free lancing work and making cupcakes. And still nothing. Hubby comes home with one kid and we have lunch and still nothing. She is laboring and the belly is shaking and she is sitting and standing and sitting again and standing again and the belly shaking. But still NOTHING.

Hubby goes and gets kid number 1 and comes home we have dinner and still nothing. She is now refusing all food, water, hay and pretzels. So you know it's serious?

We put kids to bed and the darkness falls and still nothing? So at about 9pm I have to bring her in. I can't keep running out there and checking every 30 minutes in the rain. We get the laundry room ready with towels and sheets and hay near by and we bring her in, after a chase because she got loose but having that leash helped.

We bring in her and watch her labor and see the lovely goo that comes out and now it has turned to blood so we have to be close right? Midnight comes and still nothing? The decision was made we would to go bed and get up every two hours to check on her. We finally get to bed about 12:30am and by now she is yelling. Of course I have to keep getting up and checking but after the second time I decide to wait for that one yell, you know that yell right? 1am we hear a plop a scream and us racing down the hall and looking into the laundry room yelling BABY.

We clean off baby the best we could and give it to her. Could we only have one coming? things are going slow she gets him/her cleaned off and we attach it to her for some milk. But nope we have another coming. That baby gets about 75% out and she looks at me. So she pushes and I pull and YUCK we got her out, I handed her to Russell to clean off and put in front of mama well I wait to see if we have another baby?

We don't think so as we thought labor died down and we may be waiting for the (after birth?) But no about 30 minutes later here we go again. By now she is not doing good at all. She is tired has been laboring all day, I've had it is the look on her face. She gets the baby about 50% out and she is just down. I tell her to push and she does and I am pulling and we get her out. She collapses and I take care of baby get the baby in front of her. Check on mama she is breathing but tired. I offered her water and she takes it which perked her up so she started cleaning up her babies and letting me hook the babies to the milk.

During all of this we are doing laundry, well we are in the laundry room after all and birthing is messy.

So we have the afterbirth coming so I work on cleaning up as best as I can and hooking up the babies and getting them on their feet. One baby doesn't want to suck so I milk mom and get that first milk into the baby. Noticed baby three didn't suck enough so I get milk down her as well. I just keep pushing the milk knowing how important it is.

So I have one tired mama I have three babies with full belly's and it's about 3am at this point. Yeah, no I'm not joking. I send hubby to bed because he has to get up early and take boys to school. And I need to stay up to make sure the babies drink and latch on and drink milk. So I took the first photo I had left for a minute to get a bit to eat and she had put all her babies together and fell asleep. It was so beyond cute it was not even funny. Those were her babies.

So I laid down on the floor beside them and fell asleep. I was awake to two babies climbing on me. Well must be feeding time. I wake up momma and get one attached good, two don't want to suck at all so I milk mom again and get the milk into the other two babies and we all go back to sleep again. About 30 minutes later I'm awake to my middle son standing over me, he was in shock to awake to find Becca and three babies and mommy asleep in the laundry room? So since I"m up I try the feeding thing again. It didn't go well so heck with it. I get up and drop in bed. I wake up an hour later to a goat walking around the house.

Dang I wish I was joking, Becca had realized the gate was not up and she wanted to go for a walk.

So I get up and take this time to fully clean up the area. all the towels and sheets got picked up and put in the washing machine. All fresh towels and sheets were put down. And hay was brought in. I put momma and babies back I did a good feeding with only one attaching and me feeding two. I leave mom to eat hay and I go to bed well hubby leaves to take a boy to school, I tell him to get back soon because he is helping with the next feeding.

Next feeding didn't go well. I had very little milk come out of mom. What we got did go down the kids to a point. But during this process we had the third born finally attach. From then on I have had two attach just fine and feed on their own. YEAH.

Well next feeding the milk had dropped. Thank Goodness. I got 2 ounces in about 2 seconds got that down the one baby and went back to bed until the next feeding. Which went well as well. We watched the other two making sure they were eating OK.

So this evening we started working on getting the other one to attach. Finally had a bit of luck so I'm hopeful for tomorrow getting her to attach and get some milk. So I will be up every few hours tonight feeding her. Fun times. So speaking of that it's time for the feeding so I can go to bed.

We have two girls and one boy. No names until I know they will make it or not. Tomorrow if the weather holds up Becca will go outside for an hour or so to walk around and get her exercise.

I'm tired. And grossed out.

This was the after birth photo when we all passed out. all three babies are here and momma is just out.

The two brown ones. One boy and one girl here.

Look at this how cool all brown but the one white spot. This is my girl.

The pure white one, but she has a brown tail? Go figure. She is the one not doing too well hoping to get her to attach tomorrow. But she is drinking all moms milk it's just me doing the feeding.

Babies Update

Well Jelly the white one and Beans the Black one are doing great. Sierra is such a great mom. Infact so great she adopted one so she is nursing Jelly, Beans and Trooper. These were the babies born on Friday April 30th. Our surprise babies. Surprise we are here and you didn't know we were coming!

Jelly and Beans running loose.

Jelly, Beans and Trooper got loose and ran wild.

Trooper and mom, This is Bella who delivered triplets. Two of the babies did not make it, and Bella has decided not to raise this one as well. She is letting Sierra raise him and nurse him. But they still talk to each other.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Update

We now have 5 babies from two moms. I have maybe 1 or 2 more goats that may drop more babies. I will post photos as I can.