Monday, May 10, 2010

Jack & Emma

Well since my youngest are a week old in a few hours it's probably time to name them. Now this has been so hard as we have been going through last week and OMG. What a week it was. We had 8 babies born total. We lost 3. We lost two from birth two and sadly we lost one of the triples that I helped deliver in my laundry room. My little pygmy's are not meant to have triplets. I sure tried but Becca's baby number two just was not strong enough.

So naming Jelly and Beans was easy. Trooper came as he was such a trooper being adopted by another mom and doing really well with his adopted brother and sissy and mom. It's honestly like 3 peas in a pod.

So to name my twins after the week I had. What do name them? WHAT? With each day they were doing well, I thought they need a name, but scared to name them with us losing three. But they are eating and growing and doing well with mommy so they need a name.

I really liked Jack and Jill but I didn't like Jill for a girl until someone mentioned I could call her Jilly, but Jelly and Jilly was hard to think about. So what to name them? WHAT. I did some googling last night and came across Jack and Emma. PERFECT. Jack and Emma it is.

So with my oldest being 9 days old it's time to let them loose out of the momma pen and let them run and mingle with the other goats. Thought we would start this on Monday and let them out for 3-4 hours a day and then put them back.

Things went really well today, we moved Dale, Chip (big pack goats) and Buddy (daddy) into the dog pen. I went and opened the mommy pen and it was like I opened the world to them. Jelly and Trooper ran and played and jumped and flipped. Oh they had a ball. They found buckets to jump and play in they found some pallets. They found other goats to bug. They had a ball. Beans we have an issue with Beans as his front knee is swollen and he limps along, he doesn't want to walk on his leg. He tried so hard to keep up with brother and sissy but could not. We have a call into the vet and as soon as I can get her out here to look at him and let us know what is going on with him, will let you all know.

Now Jack and Emma did a lot of running and playing as well, walking around and snooping. Jack is a snuggle bug you sit down and he is in your lap. Emma tried at times to keep up with Jelly but I had to explain to Emma that Jelly is a few days older it will take some time to catch up to her.

But so fun to watch them run and play today. All the other goats were really good to the babies. No major head butting. But there was a lot of standing and staring and I'm sure asking what are these little things running around?

Jack and Emma.

Jack and Emma very tired after a few hours of playing. Emma has the white mark on her rear. So cute.

Four babies and mommy Sierra. Sierra is mommy to Jelly the white one, Beans the black one and adopted son Trooper not pictured.

Jelly, Trooper and Beans playing.

Oh Tires a babies best friend. Jelly and Trooper had a ball with the tires.

OK we got the muddy years old muck pit GONE we spent two hard days clearing out this cr** and now we have a nice flat dry area we have plans now for a massive feeding area with an attached play area. So stay tuned for that as we are drawing up plans tonight. We are re-working the water system this Friday and then getting started on this new feeding system. I will blog it as we go. I'm so excited not only is the muck mud pit gone but what we are designing to put in it's place. You thought the goat house was something just wait. We are going to have the coolest goats on the block. (we have the only goats on the block).

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