Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mortgage Update 7/31

Things are going good this week, hard and tough, but good. Somehow we will end the week with 5 dollars left? That will go into long term savings. Right now we can't add anything to long term savings, so anything left at the end of the week will be moved over. About the best I can do right now. Maybe when all the medical is paid off we can put a few dollars away a week?
We are paying 101.00 this week towards the Mortgage. This was hard, as we had an unexpected bill come in and we had to rush to find 80 dollars. It would have been so easy to skip this payment and pay the bill? But we juggled other things and made it happen. This is important and we need to make it important.
Our new total is 123,999. Had to pay that extra dollar to get us out of the 124's. Although if we stick to things???? In mid-September we will be in the 122's.
Total debt load is now under 125k.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mortgage Challenge Has Begun!

This past Friday we started the Mortgage Challenge. Our goal is to be under 100k before too long. It will be hard and tough and we will make due in areas and not buy in others.

This week we had a very tight budget, not only did we stick to it, but I was able to sneak some wood for the clubhouse. All with 5 dollars left over. yeah!

We started at 124,185.

We are at 124,100.

My main focus is the 24,100. Once that is gone we decide what to do with our mortgage, a lot depends on rates. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Garden

My garden is ever changing. It's exciting to see how things change daily, sometimes hourly. So hard to keep up with, let alone keep up and take photos and blog. So some highlights.

We harvested Kale for the second time. We froze and dried it. It was all hands on deck for this one.

Our peach tree died last year, I have never came to terms with it. Well until a few days ago I found a new peach tree on clearance for 12 bucks. Sold! and so I quickly came to terms with it and dug it up and replanted the new tree in it's place. Back to three peach trees.
The new tree. Pretty.
This is one bed of carrots. Oh wish us luck come harvesting time.

I've been harvesting Broccoli off and on. Not tons, need to work on that. 

Seeds of the month finally came. Excited. Radishes are planted.

Cauliflower is nearly ready.
Sunflowers are starting to pop.
Strawberry Blonde
Baby Pumpkins everywhere.
My current front yard photo. Ethan watering the pumpkins there.
This is exciting, I mowed this as the grass was nearly 5 feet tall, took me awhile and a new lawn mower pull cord, but I got this far, still have a ways to go. But do you see this? Do you see 3-4 new beds????? Hubby wanted it clear to get to the compost. BUT he won't keep it mowed, he isn't doing the compost I am! And I shouldn't have to track through 5 foot grass to water my beds!  Oh more carrots in the back ground there. Yeah, again wish us luck there.
Back yard tomatoes, bed is about 30 feet long.
I'm missing a photo. ARRRRR Well I'm missing the cabbage bed so if that photo shows up it's cabbage, turnips, beets, and everything else left over.
This is sorghum and leeks, onions in the small squares.