Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Helping Mommy

So we spent some time tonight finding hiding spots for our canned foods. So under Cole's bed Tucker went to hide Applesauce and Potatoes. Under this bed is packed. There can be no monkey's jumping on this bed! But we got all but 5 jars under the bed so we did pretty good. Now where to hide those darn carrots?

Tucker's Turn

Tucker's turn for Preschool today. He was so excited to finally be going to school. He was up and dressed early and all ready eating cereal. So we took brother up to school and then raced across town to drop Tucker off. We pull into the drive and had to stop so I unbuckled him, he jumped in the front seat and opened to door ready to jump out. I had to stop him as he needed to wait for a teacher to come and get him. Poor guy was so excited.

So I went to pick him up and talking non stop about his day. He then got to spend a few hours with me at my office just goofing off playing with toys. What a crazy day for him. He goes back Friday....Wish Mom Luck.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ed will be missed. A very eventful weekend as Ed fell ill early Saturday morning and near death we brought him in and somehow he recovered. He was doing so good that we put him outside to get some fresh air on Sunday morning. I would check on him off and on and the last time I checked on him he looked at me, he cried, and he layed down and that was it. When the vet was here Saturday he said Ed had a 50/50 shot but I thought Ed was on the mend. It was a combo of probably bad hay and over drinking of water, bloating.

My little buddy will be missed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ethan's First Day Of School

So today was Ethan's first day of school. The photos came out cheesy to say the least. But he had fun.

This morning we got up and I checked my email something I was not going to do but did and good thing I did as they called for all kids to be there at 8:40am. So we race to get the kids out the door in the now 5 minutes we had and made it there on time.

I took him to his classroom shortly after 9am and he did not want me to go but I went. When I came back to get him he did not want to leave and asked why can't he go all day? Hard to explain we just can't afford all day class right now. But soon. Bear with us.

So we came home and he dived right into the homework and got that done. I got the biggest hug and he is just over the moon with being happy. What a great day he had. He can not wait until school starts tomorrow.