Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ethan's First Day Of School

So today was Ethan's first day of school. The photos came out cheesy to say the least. But he had fun.

This morning we got up and I checked my email something I was not going to do but did and good thing I did as they called for all kids to be there at 8:40am. So we race to get the kids out the door in the now 5 minutes we had and made it there on time.

I took him to his classroom shortly after 9am and he did not want me to go but I went. When I came back to get him he did not want to leave and asked why can't he go all day? Hard to explain we just can't afford all day class right now. But soon. Bear with us.

So we came home and he dived right into the homework and got that done. I got the biggest hug and he is just over the moon with being happy. What a great day he had. He can not wait until school starts tomorrow.


mommyof2 said...

Oh Marcie! Ethan looks SO proud of himself! Gotta love the cheesy pics :D

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