Thursday, January 15, 2015

A week...

I'm running a wee bit behind in life again. See that little black critter? Last week she told me it was time. She is 17 years old or older. She was starting to become miserable. It was time. So I wrapped a towel around her and glued her to me and that is where she was for about 3 days. I would put her down to make dinner or do this or that, but mostly she was glued to me. After the third day she closed her eyes and stopped breathing and she was gone. 

The day before we had finally picked a spot to bury her. So she was buried. And it's been tough. She has been such a part of my life for many, many years, and during the last few, you take care of her every need and then she was just gone. 

Just weird to have her gone. 

So I'm behind. I find myself looking for her. I keep finding mess after mess she left. So a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done. 

And then yesterday our lives kinda blow up. Neighbor came over, and she wants a list of projects done and she is unwilling to wait any longer. Hubby apparently said he would do the projects, but wanted to wait more towards spring. Because it's freakin cold outside. She wants this and this and that, and OH BOY. BUT talked her down and said one project at a time. So that was agreed on. First up is the front deck. So hubby today drew it out, and got prices and gave her a quote. She was OK with the price, and the project will start. So hubby has a part time job. Which is great, because we need tires!

Get that done and have her pick the next project. She has a list a mile long. 

The boys and I have been putting sets of legos back together. Going through books picking something and hunting for legos and putting them back together. I have many sets half done because we are missing pieces, so we move on and hope we come across that part. It's a nightmare, but we are making progress. 

Last week I was able to get the shelving unit from Costco. With Costco the fear is they will run out of something before you can buy it. So I rushed to save the money and we had enough last week. Oh the crazy time we had trying to bring it home. Let's just say we seriously considered tying a child to the roof of the van. We didn't but we came close. I'll have photos soon. Today I have been cleaning up the bedroom to make room for this thing. It's now all clear, now to bring it in and set it all up. I'm excited to have all my starts in one place.

And then there is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Tucker's birthday. So I'm off to bake a cake in a few. He demanded a cake. He all ready has his gifts. But he hasn't been able to play with them yet. Although time after time, I would catch him in my room on the bed just looking at them. 

And Monday, oh Monday. We will attempt Cole in fourth grade math. I think he can do it, but if he struggles we will head back to third grade math. But he has a math brain like his bother and mom. I actually think not too far down the road Cole will be passing Tucker in math. Oh why couldn't Tucker get a math brain as well?

Mortgage is dropping. Slowly as we've had serious budget issues. But I'm trying hard to drop it something every week right now. Currently at 111,600. I see 110 coming...That will be exciting.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh Please Let This Be A Good Year!

Oh please let 2015 be much better then 2014. Although I can't complain too much about 2014, no real major crisis. But the garden kicked my butt, and a few other things, really dragged me down. 

This week has lead to me tossing all the left over squash, I give up. I started to plan the garden for next year. Next thing to do is write out start dates of seeds. I know first up are tomatoes and onions. I'm trying to plant the rest of the garlic, but we've been frozen for the past week. Checked it today and I can move the dirt about an inch, not enough to plant yet.

Buddy survived Christmas.

I got busy in the kitchen last night. We've been without an all purpose seasoning for many months now. My basic mix is about 1 cup of onion powder, 1 cup of garlic powder, and then toss in everything else as you wish. From dried herbs, to carrots, tomatoes, orange peel, to kale. Although I never add salt. I add salt as the dish needs it, and normally I don't salt as I cook we salt at the table.

I made a mess and there was no one to clean up after me? I really didn't plan that too well.

Holy Garlic Batman! This is elephant garlic, I have about 52 cloves I'm trying to get into the ground. This is the year we are trying hard to change all garlic over to heirloom types and toss out the store bought garlic. Photos to come!

So it's the first of the year. Time that people make goals and such. We make money goals, we actually made them about a month ago. So this week we started to put those goals into play. 

On the side bar of the blog I actually wrote down some of our goals. Some are small, but will take many weeks for us to buy/do. As we save a little each week until we can make the purchase.

On the Mortgage front, if we don't re-fi we will be close to the 100k mark at the end of the year. Our base extra payment a week will be 135. BUT we will push ourselves weekly to hit 150 a week. And on the really good weeks as much as we can, to get us closer to the 100k mark. Although if we re-fi all those thoughts go out the window. But since I have no idea what those numbers will be can't even think about that math now. 

Our first goal is to get a new shelving unit for starting starts. Last year was a mess! I had tables up and the hallway blocked and peeing at 3am when you have a few inches to move is not fun! Plus a cat got up there to sleep and killed two flats of tomatoes that were going good. We can put the shelving unit in our room and be able to shut the door, so no one can bug anything! After that probably lights for the shelving unit. Although I have two from last year, so only need two more. And might not even need those because I will be starting seeds at different times, not starting everything at the same time. But it would be nice to have on hand. Then the tires for the truck, we are nearly there, but it's time to get them off the list. 

A few things on the list will be conquered when we get our tax return. Like the two gates and the back deck. Our side gate has fallen, it was leaning and we propped it up for now, but our dog has broken through it once. Plus it's to the point you can't open the gate. The goat gate broke many months ago, it's so bad, not only do we lock it, but we tie it up. As the goats know how to open it and let themselves out. BUT they don't know how to untie yet. And the deck has big holes in it. It's way past time. Just a matter of time before we fall through it. Hubby will have to take off a week here and there to work on these projects. So need to figure that out shortly.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Well It's Over

Spend all this time dreading Christmas and then BOOM it's here. On Sunday before my mother just showed up. Oh the fight we had. Excuse after Excuse after Excuse. Only a drunk makes that many excuses. Tell ya if my father wasn't there (he won't let her drive) I would have probably slammed the door on the first excuse. Just tiring and draining. 

Here is the last dress for my niece. I just adore these and I'm toying with selling them on etsy. I'm toying with a lot of things right now. My poor brain.

My boys have been in this position since the 24th. Building lego set after lego set.

My mothers gifts utterly suck. Oh no I'm not calling you fat. Then she buys me 1x clothes. I have never been a 1x a day in my life. If you plan on buying crappy clothes at least get them in my size? Yeah, her and I are about to have it out again. But this is the pile of crap to go back. Can someone explain to me what is wrong with cash? Because now there is something I really want, but it will take many weeks to save for. 50 bucks would have saved her money and gotten me 1/3rd of the way there? Just saying.

We will be taking down Christmas soon. Just wasn't in the mood this year. A lot of it has to do with my mother. The fighting, and the crappy gifts. It's depressing to know she will never ever get me one good gift. It has utterly ruined Christmas for me. But the kids had a hoot. So many Lego sets so little time. The best gift I got them was a movie. They got to open it Christmas Eve. Of course only got to watch a few minutes, so had to finish it on Christmas morning allowing us to sleep. And mommy likes sleep, mommy doesn't like being woken up at 7am going is it time is it time and that doesn't end until you drag yourself out of bed and tell them it's time. 

On the mortgage front, trying to hit is hard. Finding money here and there. Gas prices are down so take a little from there, and we now have a wal mart gift card so use that for food and put that money into the bank and send to the Mortgage. Currently sitting at 112,305. We have a new HUD house right around the corner, so our Feb date may be pushed back. Our house prices are just not going up around here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Freakin Christmas

Any one else not in the mood for Christmas? Or is it just me? Christmas movies since Halloween, Come on all ready, boy meets girl, they have a love story, fall in love and blah blah blah, and it ends happily after ever. 

OK back to real life, because life isn't happy after ever. Life is hard. So you paddle along and hope for smoother water coming up? 

So first hubby's work. Took away all holiday pay. There is NO holiday pay this year. No over time, no nothing. OH and too boot, they are forcing hubby to take a vacation day here and there. Yes, probably illegal. But really do we tattle? if we tattle will he be fired? Because oh they don't need him? Love how the higher ups sit behind a desk running bottom numbers, they don't sit in the middle of a Fred Meyer or any other store they own and just sit and watch. They don't walk in employee's shoes. Just tiring. All this after no pay raise this year. Oh and last year we got a whopping nickel raise. Just sad to see a company go down like this. Very sad to treat people like this.  

IDK the best thing I can do is work on paying the house and saving money and hope the day never comes where he is fired? 

Oh and then my mother, My mother who I told her to her face that I was DONE. She took that as I was done until Christmas then we can do a family Christmas and be oh so friendly. NO I'm done until you go to rehab, and therapy, or until the drinking kills ya. You pick, but I'm done. So I will be reminding her of that shortly. 

Boys are counting down the seconds until Christmas. Oh Lordy. They have had math all week, told them if they do their lesson today then no math next week. So they did their math and Ethan helped Cole since I was gone all morning. Speaking of Cole we are tempted to move him ahead in math. Moving him to fourth and skipping third. I think he is more then ready, but if he isn't we can always go back to third. He is all ready a 1/2 a year ahead as it is. So we have time to play if we need it. But yeah I get a week off from math. 

So I'm really not in the mood for much of anything. The boys have struggled on what to get each other, I've had sewing projects like crazy. And really didn't want to do another. But was finally inspired to work on barbie clothes. These are for my niece. She gets a barbie and some handmade clothes. She really wants Ken clothes, so we will see what happens? So far three very fancy dresses are done.

Black dress with butterfly's on it.

This is a blue dress with fancy silver spots on it. Hard to see.

White dress with a lovely print. These are from Simplicity 8481. I still have one more to do, it will be red. Then see about Ken clothes. 

On the money front, Mortgage is sitting at 112,500. So half way to our goal. Not too bad in about 8 weeks. Starting next week, I will be penny pinching like no other. Hoping to scrap together the money and get it to 110k before Mortgage guy calls. 

I will be counting down days until Spring. I have a project in mind that we may be out working on here shortly, More later if we do. 

Well here is hoping my canoe doesn't tip over. I hear the water is really cold! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bug

I caught the bug, the gardening bug that is. Who can think about Christmas when spring is right around the corner. OMG gardening season is COMING. 

OK so I'm running about two months behind on life. So I don't even have garlic in the ground. Come this Sunday that will be fixed, But try ordering garlic in December? It ain't happening. I finally found one. And it arrived today. What I want to do is remove the store bought garlic I planted last year and only grow Heirloom kinds of garlic. So I guess that is a next year sort of thing?

Finally gave up on Garlic and went into onions. We plan on playing with our onions. Hubby wants to grow really big onions. We will probably do a bed of just Alisa's and some tubs to see how they grow. Really space them and fed them and tons of water and just play. So that order came in today. See I'm ahead. HA tricked myself. I plan on planting probably end of Jan? Need to think on things.

Seed catalogs are starting to arrive. Just in time for Christmas....

(Guess who is still processing squash?)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Another sewing project done. Hubby told someone at work that I could make a 3 foot tall penguin. Well ok then. It was for money and we need money so I whipped one up. This pattern is from Carol's Zoo, I just blow up the penguin to make her up to 3 feet.

My youngest got up from the table tonight and announced he wanted all his hair chopped off. After my heart attack, we compromised. I didn't cut it all off, and he got it cut short. I think it was starting to weigh on him and hitting his eyes and such. He was done. 

We lost power today for a few hours. So we had school work by window light. Got my seeds sorted and the rest of my tomato seeds put into storage.  Little stuff. Would have kept going but the energy company finally showed up and turned back on the power.

So had a VERY nice surprise this week. Our refund check from HUD that is two years late finally came in this week. Not of course for the amount it should logically be. But hey anything helps right now. My first thought was boy that would buy a LOT of seeds, but then we got logical and we sent the Mortgage a 1,000. So that dropped us to the 112k range. I am now tightening our belts and I'm actually sending Mortgage more this week, then we will be spending on food and such. Out of our paycheck. I also did the math on doing the re-fi verses not doing the re-fi. If we stayed on our track we would have the house paid off in under 10 years. If we did the re-fi, we are looking at about 8 years and a few months. So it's something to think on there. Right now our only focus is to get the house down to 110k before the Mortgage guy calls. 

Went from 113,778.55 to 112,625. A very nice drop this week. If only every week could be like this?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Another crazy week here. I got a few projects finished up. I LOVE how the felt boards came out. These are for the neighbors grand kids. If you google Mr. Potato head felt board the pattern will come up, the dinosaurs came off pinterest. I'm always on there looking for felt ideas. 

I stapled the felt to painting canvas. I got the canvas at Michael's at 67% off.

The bunnies are for someone at hubbies work. Now I have trained hubby to say NO to gift swaps. We can't afford it and the crap we get in return is not worth it. BUT the managers did this on his day off, without asking him and when he found out who he got, OH you can make something for her, she LOVES bunnies. OH I have one that is blind and near death I can give her? Hum he said no, but had to think about it. 

So I had a McCall's bunny pattern that has been sitting on my desk I have been wanting to do. So I made a mock up and really liked how fast it sewed up and no real issues. Well except I sewed the head spot together. oops. But you see the big bunny? that is the size they gave me. So I shrunk down the pattern to make the babies. 

And I will tell ya they are so flipping adorable. I LOVE the cow print one. Makes one wonder what his dad looks like? 

So this actually costs me nothing, I bought nothing to make these. All fabric was on hand. 

On the Mortgage front, we dropped a lot this week. It was the monthly payment time, and the extra we pay every week, so we had a nearly 500 dollar drop. Oh how I wish I had that weekly. Oh well. 

Currently sitting at 113,778.55, yep under 114k.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

So Turkey day here. The kids ate and ate and ate. They were still stuffed the next day. We cook and eat here. So much better for the boys and they LOVE it.

So LOTS going on of course. Should be sharing a sewing project next week, they are so stinking cute. In fact I need to go and finish them up tonight so I can start a new present tomorrow. 

So how many of you went out for Black Friday? Turkey Thursday? I don't. I do think stores should be closed Thursday. For Black Friday there are some things, first they bring out the cheap electronics. These are crappy, and not worth the price listed. Second, if you really priced out an item you can usually get it cheaper on a different day. Third have you ever followed an item. Are you buying something for a person just to buy something? have you followed the gift trail? do you know how many gifts end up at goodwill? returned? stashed in a closet? Where is that gift you gave a month later? 

I have been given so much junk over my life, normally from my mother. Two years ago I didn't bother returning any of it, it all went to goodwill. Two years ago she gave me a plastic wine bucket. Hum I don't drink, she also gave me a cheap fleece blanket. Hum I can't stand to touch fleece. But she bought just to bought because I MUST have something to open because giving cash is so cheesy. Really? because cash in May when it's gardening time. OH BOY.

There was one year we returned so much stuff to Wal Mart they brought over an officer to talk to us. I'm sure making sure it wasn't all stolen? We had receipts for most of it, I snuck into the parents house and found her pile of receipts. 

I also like to plan the gift per person. And keeping it simple. My youngest niece, she is into barbie. So she will get a new barbie and I will make some clothes. I almost thought of doing a barbie clothes of the month? where I would make her an outfit or two a month and send it to her. But with my gardening schedule I thought good luck? This year she has requested Ken clothes. 

I also shop all year round. I found something perfect for my mother this summer well we were off camping. It's also a good way to spread out the money that Christmas costs. So come December our budget will not take a hit. We've been saving for my gift for months, and heck it went on sale and Joann's did their black Friday on Wednesday, but the catch is I had to go up and get it. But there was no crowd, since there was no crowd I got some fabric as well and got in and out and saved 50 bucks on my gift. 

Today with the sun out and it being freezing outside, I went out front and finally covered all the frozen beds. Nice to get that all done. Hoping Wednesday after school to run out and do the back yard. I have Pineberries being delivered tomorrow. (White Strawberries) These are real and come from a real gardening place. They put them on sale for about 80% off and I jumped. Been wanting to add them to the garden and now I get too. 

Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner, and then it's time to plan the garden. I'll be ordering Elderberries. So much planning to do. 

On the Mortgage front, sitting at 114,230. Next week I'll be paying the monthly payment and the extra, so we will drop into the 113's. Love seeing it drop.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Another crazy week under our belts. Ethan finished up English 3 FINALLY. Gave him a break until Monday and then full force into English 4. Now that we have a schedule, and so far sticking to it, he should be done with English 4 by the end of our school year. And brace yourselves, Cole will be done with second grade math before our Christmas break.

So never, ever, ever show your child Pinterest. OMG. Ethan and I talking about what he wants to make for Christmas and of course I saw all these ideas, why don't you look at them. It was all I could do to rip that child away and get him back to school work. My felt stash is really low, so we will go this weekend and get a few yards to bulk it up and then get busy. 

I have started a new stitching project. It's free hand, which I'm LOVING. I've had this idea brewing so nice to get it out. I just don't know yet if it will be a wall hanging on it's own, or part of a quilt.

Other then that, just a lot of doing. Trying to get projects done, and other projects started. Ethan reminded me today just 37 days until Christmas. After my breathing attack, we started to make plans. But after Christmas, we have planting season. ARRRRRRRR Time is just flying so fast right now. Just awaiting the first of the seed books to start rolling in. We are adding Pineberries, they went on a deep sale and I jumped. I wanted them last year, but refused to pay that price. I all ready have plans on where to put them. So exciting. Pineberries are white strawberries, that taste like Pineapple.

On the Mortgage Front, throwing every dollar we can at the Mortgage to be at 110k before we try the re-fi again. Math wise I don't see us being there. But I'm going to give it my all, because the less we re-fi the less the payment, and we were all ready looking good with the last re-fi, this will just make everything better. Sitting at 114,380. Racking my brain to scrap up 380, but just can't do it. Keep hoping something will come up to get us into the 113's and then the 112's. Oh well, looking good right now, just need to keep on track. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mortgage Challenge & Weekly Update

I know for the most part we are lucky. With the current cold storm hitting most of the nation. All we got were cold temps and some ice. So today the boys went out and found all the ice and played with it. How exciting. (ok no not really)

They then tossed it off the deck and broke everything into pieces.

Weekly update, IDK just a lot going on. Still working on the squash. One hopes I can have it done by Thanksgiving? Although still have carrots to pull and can. ARRRRR I have a penguin army going on here. More on that later.

Did finally find a turkey today. So the boys are happy. 

With the current cold snap, we have had all animals in the house 90% of the time. Which makes for a very, very small house. 

Still recovering on the Mortgage front. Started back this week paying the extra weekly money. After some thinking, I think we want to be at 110,000 when we try to re-fi again. So we have decided that every spare penny will go towards that. No idea if we can get there. But hey, we can try. That would help in a lower payment which would in turn help us in the long run paying down the house. Currently at 114,570.00