Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brickcon 2016

So the boys dragged me to Brickcon 2016 which is in Seattle. About a 90 minute drive for us. Considering it was Seattle, we basically got right in and right out and home, No big back ups, just crazy drivers.

Kids went around tables seeing everything and I took photos as I went. Then we spent time buying, Ethan saved a LOT of money for this, actually more then we did.

They are counting the days until they can go back. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Yeah, it's been a while.

We started school last week. Just got through day 7 and actually doing pretty well. Although it's only day 7.

These two start math at night when mom is much calmer and awake. They finish up I the morning before I get up.

These two have to do drawing twice a week. That seems to be going well.

Our bathroom sprung a leak. I went to wash a kid and realized the floor was wet. no really wet. After looking under the house and realized it didn't go through the wood, we looked on top and realized the supply line is leaking. I had to pull up the floor and trim and such. Just Sigh.

So I'm freaking tired of my kitchen. I'm done. Want to remodel it but of course we have no money. So I have to do every thing myself. Which isn't too bad. After some paint samples we narrowed it down to three blues.

ok that isn't blue.

We picked a blue, I also sanded down the cabinets and stained them a dark walnut. It's taking time, weather and time is working against me. But I got half a wall of cabinets done.

I am making the trim myself and staining it. I am ripping down some cedar.

So far I have spent ten dollars out of pocket for the stain. The paint was a gift card we got back from painting the house. I still have another wall of cabinets to stain. I have two counters to figure out, and a back splash to do. But such an improvement.

A lot going on as usual, It's been a horrible year for the garden. I have only done two pots of tomato sauce. I'm starting to harvest the pumpkins. Basil sucked. Peppers are growing, but are not turning colors. I have gotten a whopping two cucumbers and 3 zucchini's.

Need to get out and start gutting the garden.

School is going and so far so good.

I am staining the cabinets. And I still have a laundry room to paint. We still have the outside of the house to finish painting.

Plus I'm knee deep in updating the family tree. That means contacting lots and lots and lots of cousins and finding cousins I didn't know I had and contacting them. It's crazy. But will be worth it when I'm done.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


No clue what it is. I know it's not Chamomile, I grow Chamomile and it's not it. Ideas?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lego Storage

So we went and got Cole this table. Surplus about ten bucks or so. He was in love. BUT he needed storage. So we designed something, but then the heat wave it. So yesterday we ran down to home depot found a cheap board of lp, had them cut it to size, although the guy was blind. Like seriously. But since it was for us I let it go and we just went with it. We had a board here of scrap to cut up, and off we went. Thanks to my lovely new nail gun.

Now to buy a few more plastic containers. Cole is in love with this storage system. Now to get the other boys thinking of what they may need?

I Spy

We thought this peach tree died. It was brown when all the others were green and growing and lush. But we left it because we didn't have the time to dig it up. Well then it started to grow, and turn green and really shoot up.

Then I'm out working under the peach trees taking care of my rose hips when I look up and started to sequel. We have a peach! One whole whopping peach.

We've had these trees for years. Like 5 plus years. We are getting pears and cherries, but no peaches. So hoping next year? although watch us not be here next year???? Sigh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We've Painted

My arm is about to fall off, but three sides of our house is painted. We are taking a break and probably try and pick it back up this weekend? Here are some before and after's. I adore the blue. It's called Crater Lake. There are times you look at it and it's blue, and other times it's green. It's a great color and a BIG change. But we needed a BIG change.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Wall

Remember these?

The Before.

The After

These are stained cedar boards. Took many, many stain colors before we settled on these. First project in the dining/kitchen make over Done.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Crazy busy weeks, of course what week isn't crazy busy right? Our water system is in. YEAH. Got the timer on the front yard and it works great. YEAH. Just put in the back yard timers so hopefully I wake up tomorrow to sprinklers going? Tell ya it will free up a ton of my time. I can actually leave the house during the day. I will still have some hand watering to do. But it should take me ten minutes, not hours on end. 

I often find these two like this. Nose to nose sleeping. 

So I FINALLY got my birthday present. So hubby missed the birthday, no happy birthday, no nothing. Just another day to him. It does hurt, but frankly after 15 years he won't ever remember. So the other day we run to Home Depot and checking out he picks up an ad. Told him not too, but he did. Well cooking dinner he looked at the ad. A lot of OMG what a great deal, and before we knew it we were heading back to Home Depot after dinner to pick up something I have been wanting for years. Granted I had to pay for half of it. Do you all know how much trouble I can get into with a nail gun? You all have no idea the amount of trouble I can get into now. 

This is a project I have planned after we return from camping in a few weeks. I have been buying samples of stain, trying to find the right ones for this project. I finally found the right mix of about 5 different colors. Just wait until you see what I'm doing with these samples. And I get to use the nail gun.....

Tomorrow we are building a picnic table for the neighbors, she is getting a picnic table and two side serving tables. Like buffet tables. After a stain/paint debate, I took over some samples of my light stains and she fell in love with Honey. SOOOO excited to finally be able to use Honey on something. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Debit Card Fraud

I'm sure many of you remember a few years ago, we got hit with check fraud. The bank cleared a funny looking check and it cleaned out our bank account. Which sucked at the time because of the timing, the day before Mortgage was to be taken out. 

Well since that day, I check the bank account at least daily, but some days I'm checking 4-6 times. I'm always checking. Also since that day, our checks are cleared by a person, not a machine. Yet on the other hand, I maybe write 4-6 checks a year. We are cash only people, but sometimes we use the debit card. 

Like to reserve come camping sites coming up, and this and that. I don't use it often, because weekly we go to the bank we pull out our weekly money and pay cash for everything.
So the other day I'm checking the bank account and there is a weird charge. Hum? Thinking I did something odd, I did just order from ebay, so checked that out and no that cleared two days prior. It's not an amazon thing. In fact I don't remember the last time I have touched my debit card. So I debate all day, and nothing came to me, so I googled the name. Tagged. Come to find out they find cc numbers and charge them 9.99 a month. Oh I think not.
I called the bank the next morning. It was my card, my card was cancelled and two days later the pending charge was removed. So I didn't loose 10 dollars. Because to us ten dollars is a lot of money. When one makes about ten dollars an hour, it's an hours worth of work.
So it's important to keep your eyes on your bank account. Check every charge and question things. If something is odd, call your bank.
So yet again, we've been hit, But luckily it wasn't bad. Grateful for that.