Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Shock....So far behind Update

Tell ya it's been one thing after another after another after another. Let's see if I can update everyone on everything? First I listed these three goats a few days ago. And today they sold. So many mixed feelings. Glad to see them go, as Sierra keeps sneaking into the garden, and Buddy is getting moody. Buddy has also been trying to climb over the fence to get to the tomatoes. He is also so very mean to the other goats, because Buddy must eat first. After Buddy eats then everyone else can eat.
But sad because I've had him from 6 weeks on. Trooper was born here, And Sierra is my girl. But they are a family unit. Buddy can't live without Trooper, Trooper has to have momma.
On the other side we wanted to sell them before we moved. But you don't know where for sure they are going? and how they will be treated and such. I just have to be ok with the decision I made.
So someone answered my ad today and came out to get the goats, although I don't think they realized how big Buddy was? Takes one look and realized nope we can't haul him in that truck. So they took Trooper and Sierra, and went to get the horse trailer for Buddy. Although they took many, many hours. Leaving Buddy at the door screaming for Trooper. Although when they came to get Buddy it took three grown men and me holding the leash just in case, to haul him into the horse trailer.
I was told they will have acres of land to roam....
Come in from loading Buddy and look out the back window to the four goats left, all looking around going what the hell? So I head out and yeah, so I fed them some grain and spent some time with them. Even Bella came up to me, Bella hates everyone, but I got to pet her. 

Then we have Delhia. Oh sweet unfriendly Delhia. You see the goat on her sisters back? In one day she went from black to nearly all gray. Thought that was odd? Until I realized she wasn't eating, and then using sister to "see", Millie would put her somewhere and she wouldn't move until sister came to get her, and then this unfriendly goat, let me get snuggled up to her and hold her. That is when I know I was about to loose her. Two days later she died. It's been so hard on Millie. She is very sad and quiet. But she is eating and doing ok, but you see she misses sister.

We finished the deck, well not 100% but the top is done. Next to do the skirting and stairs. 32 feet of Decking, it's really nice.

I guess the big news is neighbor and I are talking again. It's like she just didn't understand? Well let me put it like this, I hire a painter, well you are at work, I paint your house purple and tell you, you have to live with it. How would you feel? You hired a guy who did such a freaking crappy job and you are telling me to live with it and I can't. I flat out told her the fence is coming down and I will be doing this myself. Spacing is so big I can see them in the back yard, and in some areas the spacing is so tight the boards are cracking. She said she asked him to come back and fix those, but he wants more money. Where I told her NO, I am fixing this, period. If I see this guy again I will be calling the police, in which she was shocked, but yeah, I don't care to see him again in my life.
But we finally hashed it all out and made some ground rules. So now hubby is working for them again. Which I am allowing because we have rules in place and we really need the money for the house fund. Although not really going towards the house yet, I'm using the money for projects on the house. We will be replacing son's window at the end of the month. We need to build a new crawl space cover. We have a list a mile long and really I don't want the money coming out of budget.
Tomatoes are kicking my butt right now. My table is full of tomatoes, my counters are buried, under the mess. I'm running two crock pots full of tomato sauce a day. In turn canning nearly 14-15 jars a day. Up to 44 jars of sauce all done and in storage right now. Would like to be well over 100 jars when done. As I don't plan on doing a lot of tomatoes next year. Next year's garden is super light.
My fridge is begging for mercy, so we now know in the new house we need a full fridge and then a freezer/fridge. Ten tons of counter space. Have to keep that in mind with looking for a new house, well an old house.
Been saving every single penny for the new house fund. I'm now re-jigging the budget so I can put a wee bit towards Mortgage as well, hitting both ends at once. We would love to have enough cash, and equity to pay cash or nearly all cash for the new (old) house. So we have tightened everything, we are selling a lot. Although not a lot is selling. I know it takes time. But we hope this time next year we are seriously looking for a new (old) house.
We are harvesting like crazy. Blackberries, Turnips, Onions, Garlic, Cabbage and of course Tomatoes. I can't keep zucchini in stock, which is odd because you always have too much you are looking for un-locked car doors around town. Nope.
Just a LOT of chaos going on here. I haven't thought about School yet. Almost daily something is coming up. You add in the heat, and I just can't handle the heat, we don't do heat here. But it's HOT. Peppers and Tomatoes are loving it, but I so am not.
Mortgage has dropped down to 105,860. Nice to be below 106k.
Now to get over the shock of having only 4 goats....It will be ever so quiet out there now. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What a week....

Well the deck is framed out. It's a whopping 32 feet long. OOPS. But it will look so good when it's done. 

We were able to afford a few boards so we got a start on it. 

And then we have a fence. Oh this fence. See neighbor and I agreed we could do this fence next year with hubby doing all the work. But someone changed her mind without telling me. We had a fence guy show up and honestly hind sight, I should have said NO and called the police. But I allowed him to take down the fence even through I had tons of work on my end and the dogs. He said it would be done in four days.
And it seems neighbor wanted a six foot fence all the way down. NOPE, It will be replaced as it is. half at 6 foot and half at 3 foot. It's more of a safety issue to be able to see in and out of the drive before turning onto the road.
Fence boy talked me into cutting down the mail box, because a new post would look good with the new fence. FINE very unhappy, but FINE.
So fence boy got it all torn out, the next day put the post in, and changing the height. Why. OH because this guy whines, and I mean WHINES about cutting wood, even through I said I would bring out my chop saw and cut the boards for him. So I left it at four feet, and left him. Well in walking the post that night (midnight)  I realized he didn't give me a post for the mail box? So in talking to him the next day. Oh that isn't my job. Oh I was so steamed I had to walk away.
So hubby and I dug out the old post because he just cut it off, Dug it out and replaced and because of how pissed I was, we cut all the post down to 3 feet. Had to match the mail box you know? Oh how pissed this fence guy was when he came back. So he had words, I had more words and basically told him where to shove his fence boards, I told you 3 foot and I mean 3 foot. And walked away. He also informed me in all the words, he won't be connecting the fence to the mail box. Then why the hell did you have to cut down the mail box? there was NOTHING wrong with it. Another pissed off moment.
So Thursday night I'm just looking at the posts, knowing the next morning he would be back to finish and I realize he isn't connecting the new fence to the old fence. You have never seen my level of prissiness go so high. I have dogs and kids and goats, all that can fit through the gap he left.
Oh the next morning I let it all rip. Me yelling at neighbor and yelling at fence boy. She had the nerve to say, he is a professional he knows what he is doing. Hum No do NOT call him a professional. A professional, would, not rip out a mail box for no reason, He would not leave a gapping hole, he would not have thrown the old fence all over my back yard for me to clean up, and no professional would WHINE about cutting freaking boards. I just let it all go, until Hubby carried me away.
So I went to town to do errands. Told hubby to watch every nail going in.
So I'm currently not talking to neighbor. what freaking dis-respect she should have spoken to me, we should have been on the same page about fence and fence height and such. Last week was not the week to pull this. But it's her way or the highway I guess. Her excuse is she didn't have time to talk to me. Bull Crap, her and fence boy were out in her front yard talking and I was in the front yard watering she could have called me over, a 5 minute talk could have solved all of this. She chose not to talk to me.
In hindsight I should have told him NO, I should have sent him away and if not going, called the police. And forced neighbor to talk.
Now that the fence is up, it's a piece of crap. The spacing under the fence is horrid. Enough for a small dog to go under, let alone a digging dog. The spacing between the boards is horrible. His idea to fix the gap is horrible. Although I got my mail box up, after I left they were waiting for neighbor to go and pick them up a nail gun (hum a professional would have a nail gun) just saying, I had yelled at fence boy over the mail box before I left. So he know I was really pissed.
So the neighbor owes me an answer as to why she did this without talking to me. She owes me an apology. Until then I'm not speaking to her, because why, I'll be cleaning up the mess for months that fence boy left all over my back yard. On the flip side she really needs us more then we need her so it's a matter of time. 

The gap, it's over a foot wide. 

The done fence. 

In other news after months of debate we have decided to put all efforts into moving. We really need a bigger house and more land space. But how do we move? We logically can't leave the area because of the in laws. They are getting older and we are the closest. But yet we want an old house. So here is our plan. We have opened an online savings account and will pour all extra pennies into it. Right now we are looking in the next town down from us, you get older houses and more land. If something comes along we want to put down a nice down payment if not pay cash for it. If in laws pass and nothing yet, we will start to look in the OR area. We only plan on moving one more time. So we will take our time looking and make sure the next house is it. In the mean time build up savings, pay down house. 

It has been HOT here. This is HOT. Last year we had 70's and I was running the food dryer every day. But its been over 90's and I won't run the dryer in this heat. Heck won't run squat in this heat. Although peppers and tomatoes are Loving it. Tomatoes are starting to trickle in all ready. We've been eating peppers for weeks now. This weekend I'm probably doing pesto.
So hopefully get the deck semi done next week, well done enough for me to walk on it, without risking my life. We will then be cleaning. We have lots of cleaning up to do around here. Sheds to go through and just de-clutter. Other neighbor is having a summer long garage sale (oh yea) we took over some free stuff and it's all gone, so see if we can take over some more free stuff.
Other then that just surviving the heat, I don't do heat. Sigh.
Mortgage currently at 106,322. Just 6k more to go....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Checking In

Don't laugh...This is the neighbors fence. This is just one pile. We have many piles. Many, Many, Many piles, of panels to take apart. We will use the wood for a wood shop later this year. 

Deck is coming along. NOT! Although someone has four days off real soon. I'm hoping he will get it all leveled and framed out so we can just wait for the top of the deck? Got a bit behind because we apparently mis-counted beams. So instead of buying metal supports and screws, I had to buy two more beams this week. I can't wait to see the 30 foot deck in place. Exciting. 

I am finding Cole is one of the earliest tomatoes. Cole has lots of little tomatoes. So loving it. Although I seem to find new tomatoes daily. Shocking considering I have more then 500 tomatoes?

Peppers are going crazy. Kinda shocking because they love heat. But we are running hotter then normal this summer so it's a good year to grow peppers? This is a sweet pepper. 

Lots going on here as normal. A lot of watering. I find that I am watering front and back and it takes about 12 hours a day. Insane. Makes it hard to get away even for an hour or so. Although snuck out Monday and was able to get more stakes. So we will be out back staking this weekend. Only the ones that need it, I do like letting them grow free willy, but they have to grow straight up, If they are going wild or need staking I will stake.
Cole is nearly riding a bike. Dad lets go a lot. but he is freaking out about crashing. Although he can put his feet down and touch so IDK. Hoping next them he just goes?
Mortgage is down. Just hit 106,800. Ever so exciting to see it keep dropping. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Update

Trying to sneak in a quick blog post, because my day will be exploding tomorrow and who knows when I will get another break?
All 500 plus tomatoes are planted. This guy Matts Wild was the last baby to go into the ground. It has been a wild ride getting them all into the ground. So far I have only lost one. But they are growing like crazy. 

Roses are going like crazy now. This is Mr. Lincoln

This is Henry Fonda

We built this. A 14 foot mega flower bed for Tucker. 

We bought this, isn't it the prettiest thing ever. 

Just a crazy week, as we are trying hard to finish up school. Although doesn't seem like it will ever end? Like tomorrow, we will be taking down a neighbors fence and taking the wood we want. We only have the morning to get the wood, before the rest is carried away and burned. Neighbor has a lot going on so I will be back and fourth helping here and there as she has to work.
Spending tons of time in the garden. Never ending loads of work out there.
Mortgage is slowly dropping. Sitting at 107,550, Tomorrow sitting at 107,400. Exciting. Plus I still have to pay the monthly payment so it will drop more then that by the end of the week. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TOMATOES & Weekly Update

Well yeah true I'm going longer then one week at a time. BUT I'm up to my ears in tomatoes.
Our goal is to have this green house nearly empty by this weekend. But one problem?
I'm plum out of space in the garden.
Well I'm down to two rows in the green house, and they are spread out so I can match up tomatoes and plant them together. I still have a lot of planting ahead of me. 

These are my two new beds. They kinda filled up fast. 

More tomatoes

More tomatoes 

More tomatoes

More tomatoes

I do have this semi empty new bed. Guess what we may be buying and moving this weekend to fill the bed for tomatoes? 

I've had to get out buckets. I now have buckets all over the back yard and it's still not enough.

Henry Fonda was the first rose to bloom this year. 

So every spare second is spent in the garden. Hoping to have nearly everything planted by this weekend. Also hoping to get Tuckers' new flower bed into place. This child, He comes to me one day and was like Mom I seriously need more garden space (hum wonder where it comes from?) So we had an idea, I'm tearing out an old strawberry bed because even with weed block and taking care of it the grass is overwhelming and it over takes the strawberries. So we are going to build up the bed to about 2 feet high, and Tucker will be able to have it.
We are trying to finish up schooling for the year. I so want to be done with school. So I'm trying when I get up in the morning to do school and not run into the garden and be there all day. Dang it's hard. Really hard. Cole's math is on hold, he is so stinking far ahead, so we are pausing and he works on math facts on the kindle. He loves it and it will really help when we start back up again. He knows the facts, but I want to get him moving faster.
Mortgage has finally dropped to under 108k. Sitting today at 107,700. We nearly have the money for the deck. I was hoping to do that this weekend, but I think it will be a tomato weekend instead. Although maybe we can get the deck torn apart? maybe supports and beams in place? We shall see. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm Baaaaack....

Tell ya when chaos hits it hits. Well on my old computer, I got a warning the hard drive was dying, needs to be replaced. After some googling I though I could do this, so I ordered a new one. Got it and nothing but black. After much googling about that (on another computer) I decided to return the hard drive and save for a new computer.
Well I have a new computer, nothing fancy, just need internet.
Well saving for the computer, hubby had two weeks off from work. We took two weeks off from school. And started to tackle our list of to do's.
Make a goat play thingy. Done. It has three layers, or steps. 

Build a new side gate. We only really replaced the rotten wood, to save money. So it will look funny for a bit. We also did a new goat gate, but I somehow missed that photo. That gate just fell off and apart, and I'm shocked the goats didn't figure it out and leave?

This critter showed up in the yard, just to pass away. With all the birds flying around, he probably hit the house or something. He couldn't fly and just no perk left in him. 

I bought this. Just need to figure out where to place it.

We built a gate to go from the neighbors to our back yard. We put in a pathway, with stones and mulch. It's a start.

Hubby built this. 

Then this fell down. No one was hurt. We will put it back up later, we need some supports or something. 

We dug up all this grass, and weed blocked. Now just need mulch, some planters are going in-between the pear trees. Pavers will go in to walk on. It will take time as money is short. Turnip are popping up. 

This tomato! Bloody Butcher. Spouted yellow flowers. So I kicked it out of the green house. I harden him off and planted him. First tomato out the door. If no more yellow flowers, then about the 15th I will debate when to plant the rest. They will have to be planted in stages. Some are so ready now and some probably more towards the end of the month. 

Another photo of the neighbors gate and what she will walk into. That bed in front is a new pumpkin bed. We will now have two pumpkin beds going. 

Chives are doing well. Yes, we are chive freaks and have a chive bed. 

The green house. Over 500 tomatoes are in here. Three shelves full. 

Just staying really busy well hubby was home. We were out working when it wasn't raining. We were in working when it was raining. And the list is still not done. But sadly hubby returned back to work today.
We are currently working in the kids play area. We are removing grass, removing wood chips, then raking it out, and putting in new grass. It's so un-even back there. It's just ugly. So work on that over the next few weeks.
We cleaned out our bedroom. Wanted to gut it, it has become a collect all, to the point you couldn't get in there. We are still not done, BUT we have a floor, we can walk and breath in there. We removed 14 boxes for goodwill. 4 totes for under the house. Where did all that crap come from? We removed the growing rack, it's under the house for now.
We are starting school back up on Monday. We made a plan and should be finished up mid June. But things like history are nearly done, so once it's done it's done. Leaving more time for English. English will continue until done. During summer we will do Science, and typing. Ethan may be doing some writing. On another note, I've been freaking out about school, more towards high school. We are ok now, but the higher grades are coming. Been hoping for an answer, and I think one has finally fell into our laps. It's through a local school district and it's online. So we will go in, in about two weeks to their open house and chat. I like that idea. I think it will be a good fit for Ethan. Ethan has lots of questions, I just can't answer. So this will be good for him to ask the teachers. It's only for 6th grade and above. So only Ethan would start. Leaving the other two to continue what we are doing.
So Mortgage is doing good. Seems like we've been stuck in the 108k's for awhile. But that is how it goes. Currently at 108,460. I just paid mortgage so it should drop again tomorrow.
A lot coming up, a lot of juggling. Although always seems like that this time of year?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sneaking online for a second. It seems my hard drive has died, well near dead. After some googling I thought I could fix it and ordered a new hard drive. Got that and plugged it in and got a black screen. Googled how to get past that and did everything mentioned and NOTHING. Finally to save my sanity, I decided to send it back and save for a new computer. After thinking by the time I paid for the hard drive and maybe recovery disks that don't have great reviews and probably having to have someone look at it, because I'm so not a computer person. You have spent enough to buy a new computer. 

So we are in the process of saving for one. Since we pay cash it may take awhile. Although after getting a computer I'm dreading attempting to hook the computer to the printer. Took me many months after getting a new router to get the computer and printer to talk. Still can't get hubby's computer and printer talking. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Be back as soon as I can.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekly Update

Yeah, it's been awhile.

The Easter Bunny came, He hid the eggs outside this year. Took the kids awhile to figure that one out!

This Critter finished fourth grade math. He will now receive a 3 week math break. Next week it's catch up on English week. I think a good hour a week on English he should make a dent?

Sierra says Hi.


We finished filling the new tomato beds.

Then my kids were goofy tonight at dinner. So what is a mom to do? Grab the camera, of course.

Crazy busy transplanting tomatoes this past week and will continue over the next few days. I will post more on tomatoes, later. Lots of experiments this year. But I think I have it figured out on what will work for me. Now just need to get them out to the green house. I'll have a semi final count later, but it's over 300 tomatoes.

Hubby gets two weeks off soon. We will then take a two week school break. YEAH. Ethan will be done with 5th grade math this week. Since Cole is way ahead doing 4th grade I gave him 3 weeks off. 

Well hubby is off, a ton of projects to do around the house. We have made a very long list, during the days we are out and doing things and at night we are de-cluttering our bedroom. It has become a dumping zone. Get the tomato rack out of there and get busy.  Got some boxes from Costco to fill for goodwill. So done with clutter. 

Mortgage fell to under 109k. Which is actually a very big deal around here. We bought the house for 109k. We are now officially making a dent on the house. But might have big changes coming for next year, as I may need a new van and before long we will need a second car. You are not getting that on 20 dollars a week. And the last thing we want is a car loan. So a big debate coming at the end of the year. Right now our focus is getting under 100k. 


Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Just ARG. So I do the last blog post and then all heck broke loose. Ethan who never complains, well ok he complains, but if something hurts he works through it. So in the midst of doing chores and trying to push through, he plops on the couch and starts crying because the pain was so bad. So asked the neighbor to take us down to the ER. The joy of an ER. But it's a kids ER. Come to find out it was a virus. Ethan seemed to be one of the first ones, where the virus fills you with air and you are in pure misery for days, with a slight fever. Neighbor who is a nurse came over about two days later saying the ER was filled with kids with the same thing as Ethan. 

Well the doctor of course sent us home with drugs. Hum one doesn't need drugs if you are filled with air. Came home and googled them, the side effect was coma. Well Joy there. But me being me, I gave Ethan olive oil. About 1 tbsp every two hours until he started to feel better and then went to every four hours and then twice a day. Well pushing apple juice.

He then passed the virus to Tucker. Who had one dose of olive oil and claimed he was cured. Ok then. But the day after Ethan was feeling better, allergies hit. This child has never had seasonal allergies, was dying. But Cole was much worse. He looked like he went ten rounds with king kong. Poor baby. His eyes were black and blue and puffy, his nose was running faster then a hose. 

After a google search came up with Hylands. So had daddy bring some home. After two doses Ethan was fine. But poor Cole, it took a full day before it finally kicked in. It was two days before he could live without his towel he was carrying around. 

During rain showers, I've been out working or planting. If I'm stuck inside I'm working on cleaning the house. I don't know what happens I think the house sneezes and just crap everywhere. 

I got two tomato orders in over the last two days. I have two more orders out. I'm doing one last experiment. This time with fish fertilizer. My seed starter is just crap, so about once a week I'm feeding my tomatoes and that is really helping. I now have nearly 100 that have been moved to 4 inch pots and are doing really well. Just waiting for the weather to warm up so they can live in the green house. Right now the 4 inch pots go out during the day and inside at night.


I'm in the midst of a new project. Hopefully I can reveal it next week? I can't wait to do the next project, it excites me. I just got curtains done for the neighbor and later this weekend I'm hemming dresses for her. Always something to sew.

On the Mortgage front, I sat down the other night and wrote out the rest of the year. If we stay on track and make every extra mortgage payment. Then we will be 1,121 dollars short of being below 100k. So hoping over the next few months to find money here and money there to put towards it. I found a whopping 5 bucks today. BUT. The truck is back in the shop. And logically nearly everything is under warranty and shouldn't costs us much of anything. That truck IDK. We drove it to the dump, then to pick up hay. Then we were off to get dirt. We get two blocks from the house and it dies. Utterly dies. So a call to brother in law and he shows up about an hour later. He tinks with it and runs home to get his truck to tow hubby. Hubby thought to give it one last try. And it takes off. So he went. The hood pops up and he comes racing home and lands in the area across the house. So he calls brother in law, I get a hammer. I get the hood down, and he was able to back into the driveway. 

He runs over to the mechanics, who says he will send over a tow truck. Get the call the tow truck will be there Thursday. Nope, never showed up. So we are leaving to do errands today and here it comes. So we help it get into the drive and out. You can get in and out, you just have to do it in such a way. 

So hopefully next week get word on the truck.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Days are flying by here. Tomatoes are happier, this is the week where they need to grow, or tank. With the weather warming up, I'm putting 3-4 flats in the green house everyday. So they can have real sunlight and warmth. But because it's not a heated green house I bring them in after dinner. I don't know how cold it gets out there.

Peppers are just happy. I think this is a fluke of nature, but lets see what comes out of it?

I got another sewing project done. Well it's not done, but it's done. It's on fabric, I just don't know what to do with it? Will it be part of a quilt? a wall hanging? So it's rolled up waiting for it's final fate. Starting on a new one tomorrow. Need to get these ideas out of my head.

All the detail was done on the sewing machine. It works really well since coming back from a good cleaning.

As usual things are crazy busy here. Ethan and Tucker are trying hard to finish up their math so they can have two weeks off at the end of April. I got parsnips planted today. Hopefully turnips tomorrow. Everything is weather depending. I was able to finish up the old raspberry area today. I was waiting for any babies to pop up. So I moved those and got that area ready for my new rose hips. We are nearly done killing an old compost pile, which will be our new second pumpkin bed??? and we are putting in another potato bed. So lots to do out back.

This weekend will include a trip to the dump (the truck is filled) and then off to get dirt. We will then finish off the two new tomato beds and get a bunch of barrels ready. I have rose hips, goji berries, and two roses to get planted. 

Mortgage is down to 109,655 slowly trucking along.