Friday, April 30, 2010

Having An OMG Moment

You know those moments that just hit out of the blue and you are crying and laughing and going OMG what the hell are we going to do?

Yeah had one today. You see on Fridays we often drop off boys at preschool and school and, do all the errands as in grocery shopping and what not. We stopped at a sale that happens once every blue moon out in the county so we were really late getting home today. So on days like this my husband and I have a system. I unload the car and kids and he feeds the goats.

He was feeding the goats and I was unloading the van and he walked out in the back field just on a fluke and he starts screaming for me. At this point you are like OH CRAP who died? He screamed again MARCIE WE HAVE BABIES! What the Hell? What?

Yeah! we have babies, where? where? And there they were out in the back field being protected by mama. Ms. Sierra who I thought was bigger then a house with nipples to match but no way she could be pregnant was pregnant. OH CRAP! I have two other girls bigger then houses. OH CRAP. can we say maybe a baby boom happening?

So here we are. Mommy left me with the babies so she could go and eat and dang was she hungry. I took the kids inside to check them out and to keep them warm well we hussled to get a shelter together for her and her babies. So we made a make shift fence and put in a shelter for her and a dog crate with blankets for the babies. Got hay and grain in there and they are very happy. I checked out the babies and they look good to me, but I have no idea what I"m looking for? Momma looks good and happy to be with babies.

I got mama to milk for me so she is making milk, we think we have seen her try and feed the babies. I will be watching in case we need to step in on the milking (from a bottle)

But OMG what a moment to realize and to see these babies. So we need to get a vet out here to fix Mr. Buddy. They look just like buddy.

So I have what I think are two girls I will have the vet confirm when we get him out here. I need names?

But OMG what a day this has been to come home and find babies.

The babies, one is white and one is very dark looks just like daddy.

Mommy who would not take her head out of the bowl.

Mommy and baby. Bad photo. I will try and upload more later you know I will have many.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goats Rule Dogs Drool

So I had this idea the other day well I was out mucking the goats. This goat house needs a sign, kinda like a club house. The sign says "Goats Rule Dogs Drool" All hand painted by me. I could not wait to get it up. It looks so good.

Hey no mom's allowed! This is our clubhouse.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fishing Derby

So we surprised the boys on Saturday with the fishing derby. Boy they were happy when we pulled in. They get to do this with Grandparents and daddy. Now last year they didn't catch anything. Nothing. But this year was different. Well Ms. Lucky Pants our niece caught hers right off the bat. This girl can catch a fish without a pole. So she caught her two and was sent up to me. With it raining I was camped out under a tree staying dry with little naked chef. Well Ab, caught her two and came up to me. Then as she was sitting down we noticed Ethan caught one, and then another.

So he was sent up to me. As we were talking and debating who would be next. Tucker caught one, and then another and as Grandpa was working on that fish, Grandpa tossed the line back over the dock. Big mistake because they caught another fish. Well two is the limit so that fish was given to my other niece who couldn't catch a fish with 20 baited poles.

And then to the shock of us all, Ms. Em caught a fish. All by herself, on her own pole. Shocking I know. So she hit her limit. And so within about 20 minutes in the pouring rain we caught our limit of fish.

So we got them cleaned, lucky for mommy they do it there for us.

And we had to take photos of the fish. Tucker caught the biggest fish.

Boy my kids were beyond excited and had so much fun. Nothing like the rain and a fishing pole?


Well the Russets are in. Three bins the bins are about 4 foot by 4 foot. They are planted, hope to get potatoes this year, because last year we sucked at it. But we did plant them late last year.

Pallets were free. SCORE!

We still have whites, reds and sweet potatoes to do.

Canning Carrots

My three year old LOVES canned carrots. Loves is an understatement. Every jar in the house is gone so I had to give in and buy carrots to can. So today we just HAD to can carrots. This child helped me every step of the way. His job was to load the jars with cut carrots. He then stirred the mixture. We did 29 pints of carrots this night. We did so many I had two canners going. YIPPEE.

This is a carrot!

This is little naked chef stirring the mixture.

This is the end result. 29 pints of carrots.
This is the recipe for Glazed Carrots
For 6 pints of carrots
6-7 pounds of carrots
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups water
1 cup orange juice
Wash and peel carrots. Cut carrots into coins, fill the jars.
Combine brown sugar, water and orange juice in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Fill jars with liquid. Add two piece lid.
Process pints and quarts at 30 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure in a steam-pressure canner.

My Yard Sale Score

Do you see it? I couldn't believe it. I have been in the market for another mixer. Now if you know me you know I BAKE. And that is an understatement. I BAKE. And daily I am doing something, cleaning the mixer doing something else, cleaning the mixer and doing something else and by the time you have to clean it for the fourth time you just give up.

So here is my newest baby. Yes, it's older and it's the old ugly yellow from back in the days. But for 20 bucks I can't be picky right? Yep, that is right 20 bucks.

All decked out in it's Glory!

Both mixers side by side.

I put them to work tonight doing a few dozen cupcakes. OH HEAVEN.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking News

My child has lost his first Tooth, I repeat my child has lost his first Tooth!

No idea how this happened. But we got up this morning and Dad noticed something was missing. And Ethan goes, Yah! I lost it last night. I'm thinking "And You Didn't Tell Me!" KIDS!

So I have no tooth, nothing, but this goofy photo of my son and his missing tooth.

My baby is growing up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm So Cool!

I think I'm the coolest mom around. How cool is this? I have neighbor kids all around watching us put up the letters and finally they asked what is Gluten? So we got to explain to them why we are gluten free and what Celiac is. Fun stuff. And because I had to jazz things up, I added the red thingy's all over the van.

If this passes the Washington weather test I will be selling these so I keep everyone posted. I'm so excited.

Me jazzing up my van.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Call Me Crazy

Well I'm sure many of you do, but here is your proof. I planted 6 flats of tomatoes today and in all honestly I'm not sure 252 plants will be enough. I planted 2 flats of Beef Steaks, 1 flat of Rutgers, 2 flats of Roma's and 1 flat of cherrys. I think I need one more flat of Beef Steaks or something? I should go and do another and just tell hubby I lost track of counting? He is at work he will never know?????

EJ checking out all the fun he could have. This is our hallway right now as I figure out where to put these until the green house is done? The sun is out it is nice today but dang the wind is kicking our butts.

One of my helpers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Does anyone Swag? I'm new to it. Check it out
If you sign up say I referred ya, would ya? I seem to be having fun. Seeing how many points I can earn and earn free things. We'll see?