Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking News

My child has lost his first Tooth, I repeat my child has lost his first Tooth!

No idea how this happened. But we got up this morning and Dad noticed something was missing. And Ethan goes, Yah! I lost it last night. I'm thinking "And You Didn't Tell Me!" KIDS!

So I have no tooth, nothing, but this goofy photo of my son and his missing tooth.

My baby is growing up.


Rachel said...

What did the tooth fairy do with no tooth to take?

Natalie said...

d you ever find the tooth or did he maybe swallow it?
If you find it tell him to put it under his pillow tonight. The tooth fairy knows when things go array. I remember putting my kid's tooth in an envelope so the tooth fairy would know it was in there. I had one child crying saying she wanted the tooth back and the heck with the dollar. It was kind of funny. But kids sometimes have problems with lost especially when it comes from their body.

MamaD said...

Well, at least you have this lovely photo to remember it by. Maybe you can put a copy of the picture under his pillow so the tooth fairy can visit.