Saturday, April 10, 2010

Call Me Crazy

Well I'm sure many of you do, but here is your proof. I planted 6 flats of tomatoes today and in all honestly I'm not sure 252 plants will be enough. I planted 2 flats of Beef Steaks, 1 flat of Rutgers, 2 flats of Roma's and 1 flat of cherrys. I think I need one more flat of Beef Steaks or something? I should go and do another and just tell hubby I lost track of counting? He is at work he will never know?????

EJ checking out all the fun he could have. This is our hallway right now as I figure out where to put these until the green house is done? The sun is out it is nice today but dang the wind is kicking our butts.

One of my helpers.


Rachel said...

Ok. Crazy! Those are a lot of tomatoes!

I've got seeds that I've planted, sprouted, and then time is slipping by and they needed to be in the ground weeks ago. Need more time!

Marcie said...

I'm exciting they are all spouting. Hubby goes I really didn't think they all would spout. Um oops.