Friday, April 30, 2010

Having An OMG Moment

You know those moments that just hit out of the blue and you are crying and laughing and going OMG what the hell are we going to do?

Yeah had one today. You see on Fridays we often drop off boys at preschool and school and, do all the errands as in grocery shopping and what not. We stopped at a sale that happens once every blue moon out in the county so we were really late getting home today. So on days like this my husband and I have a system. I unload the car and kids and he feeds the goats.

He was feeding the goats and I was unloading the van and he walked out in the back field just on a fluke and he starts screaming for me. At this point you are like OH CRAP who died? He screamed again MARCIE WE HAVE BABIES! What the Hell? What?

Yeah! we have babies, where? where? And there they were out in the back field being protected by mama. Ms. Sierra who I thought was bigger then a house with nipples to match but no way she could be pregnant was pregnant. OH CRAP! I have two other girls bigger then houses. OH CRAP. can we say maybe a baby boom happening?

So here we are. Mommy left me with the babies so she could go and eat and dang was she hungry. I took the kids inside to check them out and to keep them warm well we hussled to get a shelter together for her and her babies. So we made a make shift fence and put in a shelter for her and a dog crate with blankets for the babies. Got hay and grain in there and they are very happy. I checked out the babies and they look good to me, but I have no idea what I"m looking for? Momma looks good and happy to be with babies.

I got mama to milk for me so she is making milk, we think we have seen her try and feed the babies. I will be watching in case we need to step in on the milking (from a bottle)

But OMG what a moment to realize and to see these babies. So we need to get a vet out here to fix Mr. Buddy. They look just like buddy.

So I have what I think are two girls I will have the vet confirm when we get him out here. I need names?

But OMG what a day this has been to come home and find babies.

The babies, one is white and one is very dark looks just like daddy.

Mommy who would not take her head out of the bowl.

Mommy and baby. Bad photo. I will try and upload more later you know I will have many.

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MaryBeth said...

They are so beautiful!!!