Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Shock....So far behind Update

Tell ya it's been one thing after another after another after another. Let's see if I can update everyone on everything? First I listed these three goats a few days ago. And today they sold. So many mixed feelings. Glad to see them go, as Sierra keeps sneaking into the garden, and Buddy is getting moody. Buddy has also been trying to climb over the fence to get to the tomatoes. He is also so very mean to the other goats, because Buddy must eat first. After Buddy eats then everyone else can eat.
But sad because I've had him from 6 weeks on. Trooper was born here, And Sierra is my girl. But they are a family unit. Buddy can't live without Trooper, Trooper has to have momma.
On the other side we wanted to sell them before we moved. But you don't know where for sure they are going? and how they will be treated and such. I just have to be ok with the decision I made.
So someone answered my ad today and came out to get the goats, although I don't think they realized how big Buddy was? Takes one look and realized nope we can't haul him in that truck. So they took Trooper and Sierra, and went to get the horse trailer for Buddy. Although they took many, many hours. Leaving Buddy at the door screaming for Trooper. Although when they came to get Buddy it took three grown men and me holding the leash just in case, to haul him into the horse trailer.
I was told they will have acres of land to roam....
Come in from loading Buddy and look out the back window to the four goats left, all looking around going what the hell? So I head out and yeah, so I fed them some grain and spent some time with them. Even Bella came up to me, Bella hates everyone, but I got to pet her. 

Then we have Delhia. Oh sweet unfriendly Delhia. You see the goat on her sisters back? In one day she went from black to nearly all gray. Thought that was odd? Until I realized she wasn't eating, and then using sister to "see", Millie would put her somewhere and she wouldn't move until sister came to get her, and then this unfriendly goat, let me get snuggled up to her and hold her. That is when I know I was about to loose her. Two days later she died. It's been so hard on Millie. She is very sad and quiet. But she is eating and doing ok, but you see she misses sister.

We finished the deck, well not 100% but the top is done. Next to do the skirting and stairs. 32 feet of Decking, it's really nice.

I guess the big news is neighbor and I are talking again. It's like she just didn't understand? Well let me put it like this, I hire a painter, well you are at work, I paint your house purple and tell you, you have to live with it. How would you feel? You hired a guy who did such a freaking crappy job and you are telling me to live with it and I can't. I flat out told her the fence is coming down and I will be doing this myself. Spacing is so big I can see them in the back yard, and in some areas the spacing is so tight the boards are cracking. She said she asked him to come back and fix those, but he wants more money. Where I told her NO, I am fixing this, period. If I see this guy again I will be calling the police, in which she was shocked, but yeah, I don't care to see him again in my life.
But we finally hashed it all out and made some ground rules. So now hubby is working for them again. Which I am allowing because we have rules in place and we really need the money for the house fund. Although not really going towards the house yet, I'm using the money for projects on the house. We will be replacing son's window at the end of the month. We need to build a new crawl space cover. We have a list a mile long and really I don't want the money coming out of budget.
Tomatoes are kicking my butt right now. My table is full of tomatoes, my counters are buried, under the mess. I'm running two crock pots full of tomato sauce a day. In turn canning nearly 14-15 jars a day. Up to 44 jars of sauce all done and in storage right now. Would like to be well over 100 jars when done. As I don't plan on doing a lot of tomatoes next year. Next year's garden is super light.
We are harvesting like crazy. Blackberries, Turnips, Onions, Garlic, Cabbage and of course Tomatoes. I can't keep zucchini in stock, which is odd because you always have too much you are looking for un-locked car doors around town. Nope.
Just a LOT of chaos going on here. I haven't thought about School yet. Almost daily something is coming up. You add in the heat, and I just can't handle the heat, we don't do heat here. But it's HOT. Peppers and Tomatoes are loving it, but I so am not.
Now to get over the shock of having only 4 goats....It will be ever so quiet out there now.