Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fishing Derby

So we surprised the boys on Saturday with the fishing derby. Boy they were happy when we pulled in. They get to do this with Grandparents and daddy. Now last year they didn't catch anything. Nothing. But this year was different. Well Ms. Lucky Pants our niece caught hers right off the bat. This girl can catch a fish without a pole. So she caught her two and was sent up to me. With it raining I was camped out under a tree staying dry with little naked chef. Well Ab, caught her two and came up to me. Then as she was sitting down we noticed Ethan caught one, and then another.

So he was sent up to me. As we were talking and debating who would be next. Tucker caught one, and then another and as Grandpa was working on that fish, Grandpa tossed the line back over the dock. Big mistake because they caught another fish. Well two is the limit so that fish was given to my other niece who couldn't catch a fish with 20 baited poles.

And then to the shock of us all, Ms. Em caught a fish. All by herself, on her own pole. Shocking I know. So she hit her limit. And so within about 20 minutes in the pouring rain we caught our limit of fish.

So we got them cleaned, lucky for mommy they do it there for us.

And we had to take photos of the fish. Tucker caught the biggest fish.

Boy my kids were beyond excited and had so much fun. Nothing like the rain and a fishing pole?

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