Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Barbie Christmas Clothes

So I have this niece who likes Barbie, I know as a young girl I would have LOVED hand made Barbie clothes. So of course I'm going to do this for her. But with my month utterly nuts, I got such a late start and an early finish. As my sister texted, well be over in an hour. CRAP. I have more dresses planned and such, but oh well. The two dresses up above are my own design. It started out as a skirt I was thinking of but, couldn't get the waist right, so I hiked it up and added trim and it worked.

Toying with doing more of these and selling them. Yeah, toying. The issue is time, But I'm hoping as life starts to calm down a bit, I can just sit and play? But my focus now is to find calm in my life and somehow muster through Christmas. Christmas spirit is something I do not have.

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