Monday, December 5, 2016


So November 13th happened. My husband fell out of a truck and I knew he couldn't work for a few days. (It ended up being two weeks) I assumed he would get sick pay or something. But I went ahead and moved the money we were saving for the second car, over to savings. Just in case. Well then we got word we are not getting sick pay, but L&I pay for the missing days.

Hum, well ok I can use that money as we need and then put that check back into savings and all should be well.


Got the check today. We are getting paid 200 dollars for two weeks of work missed. Hum really? 200 dollars for two weeks? Something doesn't add up there.

So math wise I'm out of savings over 400 plus dollars. Which I guess I will have to let go and start saving all over again.

The problem is our lives are up in the air. So even the thought of trying to save is a hard thought right now. I still have Christmas to finish up. My budget is off, we have gas for the second car to buy, that I need to fold into the budget. Our new second car needs an oil change. Just stuff. nothing like being hit with stuff.  I just need to sit down and work hard on the numbers.

I am grateful my husband is back at work and this next payday should be a full one. It just happens to fall on our hard week. We have one really hard week a month. Sometimes two.

But I really need to sit down and work hard on numbers because having that savings, even though it was ear marked for something else did really help. It allowed me not to have a panic attack well I was up helping my mil during her recovery and such. So my next year that will be the main focus I think. Not only rebuilding what I lost, but have a fully funded emergency fund.

Need to sit down and figure out what number a fully funded emergency fund is and then how to get there.

Here's to hoping that next year I can say emergency funds ROCK?????


Like really 200 dollars for two weeks? Stunned.

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