Thursday, May 13, 2010

No More Little Buddy Juniors

Well it happened today. The vet was out and took care of our baby issue. We found the cause of all of these babies and fixed it.

Here is someone waking up after being knocked out. Poor Buddy. He was out and oh I bet things hurt?

And because we have to keep him warm and can't have him out walking like a goat that has been drinking he was put into our laundry room. Yep the same room 3 of his babies were born in.
Now my son my middle son Tucker who I think will grow up to work with Animals in one way or another was right by the vet's side. He watched the whole glory thing, he got the vet anything she needed. He asked every question you could think of and she answered them to a point.
Now the question to be answered is how many babies will we end up with? I'm currently on labor watch with one.

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Wendy Hawkinson said...

We have two pygmy goats. I would love to give to you. They have escaped their pen and eaten the siding off my house, the phone line, all 'extras' on my car including hood ornament,my groceries (they jumped in my trunk when I was unloading groceries), all plants, shrubs, flower and oh yes my blue spruce tree I planted right after I had my daughter, Dani. LOL

How long do they live? We have had these boys for 9 years and they don't look to be slowing down yet.