Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad Day/Week

Well as you can see there are no photos. No current blog posts. Well that is because my beloved has broken. It is refusing to take any photos. I have begged and pleaded, but still nothing. It is refusing to go click, claiming I have over used it and it wants a break. I will continue to beg, and plead and fiddy dink. We may have to take a trip to the repair shop. But my other beloved (cough, laugh) is saying lets look around for a new beloved (camera not him) Maybe it's time to upgrade? Now I have had my beloved (camera) for 7 years now. It goes everywhere with me. It's my side kick, I am not seen without it. I have been so lost without it. So sad. So misable. So as you see it's a sad, sad day here. I want to update babies, I have Ethan's promotion on Thursday...HELP.

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