Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Try, Try, Try Again!

So we took a trip to Costco today to price out cameras. Well it's hard to really debate and know for sure so I wrote down the numbers and came home to research them. As I'm looking up the cameras and the reviews I read someone returned a camera because the lens didn't work, no matter what he did the lens would not work with the camera and it would keep locking up.

It took a minute to hit me, The Lens? could that be the issue here? The Lens? Really? Huh, I took off the lens and went looking for my other lenses. I found my big lens and hooked it up and my camera worked. Are Ya Joking Me? I went hunting for my small lenses, found those and they worked. So my lens died, in turn locking up my camera. Well OK then.

So above is my dead lens. The one I need to go and bury. So I fixed my beloved in time for my son's promotion on Thursday. Stay tuned for those photos.

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