Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

This is what we did for Daddy's day. This is something we do every year. Such an easy peasy project. Basically you need a stepping stone and two different colors of paint. You paint the bottom let that dry then paint the hands and put the hands on the stone. I will actually fill in the hands on the stone to pick up on some of the paint that didn't go down well. I then paint in the name and date them and let them dry. They will get many coats of outside poly and added to our garden. This is I believe our fourth year of doing it. It's fun to see the kids grow.

This was Tucker. Yes, that is pink!

Cole's hand, no it's paint, it's not natural looking.

A bit blury but you get the photo.


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Jennifer said...

Cute. I love this idea. Do you put them outside in a walkway or what do you do with them each year? BTW, my 6yo son's favorite colors are pink and purple - and have been for years! He's just not one to conform ;)