Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updated Goat Photos!

Thought it was time for some updated goat photos. My oldest babies are 6 weeks old.

We are still on baby watch with Bridget who is very big and very cranky.

I am happy to report all Males are fixed. The vet made sure of that!

Here is Beans. MOM take my photos. They are such camera Hogs.
Here is Jack. Hi Mom!

Here is Ms. Ema

Here is Dela.

Mr. Leo

Ms. Bridget with nephew Trooper

Sierra with Ms. Jelly. Mom and daughter are never apart.

Here is Sierra with her three babies. Beans, the black one. Jelly the white one and her adopted son Tropper the multi colored one. All three of these babies are 6 weeks old.

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tiffrutherf said...

Awesome!! That must be so cool to have your own personal petting zoo!!