Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strawberry Jam

So the weather finally broke loose and the sun came out and look what I found in our Strawberry beds? STRAWBERRIES. who know they were there? What to do with all these Strawberries? WHAT? I first made jam.

Yes, Three big bowl fulls. This was one days of picking.

Oh look Nummy don't they?

I made Jam.

OK my jam recipe, now we are corn free and I did a TON of research on this. Can I make pectin free Strawberry Jam?
I went off the recipe here now shockingly I did not follow her recipe but got my ideas from it.
Honestly here is what I did, I put all the cleaned washed berries in the crock pot, I only added about two cups of organic sugar (add to taste) and some lemon juice. I'm a dumping kind of girl so I have no idea how much lemon juice just a few dumps.
I put it on high for a bit and then took a potato masher and mashed down after some cooking. I then put it on low and let it cook down until it was jam liked. I then put it into jars and bwb for 10 minutes.
Now next time I want to do this Recipe here .
It looks much easier then waiting for it to cook down all day?
Now it's a touch bit runny, just a tad. But it looks and smells heavenly.

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Jenna said...

We are sugar free, too (or atleast trying to be) will this work with agave?