Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So excited!

Well after many years and many fires and tons of saving, we finally did it. We finally went out and bought a stove. The final thing was one of two burners gave out well hubby was cooking. He didn't like that. Hum? What have I been whining about for months, the burner giving out well cooking.

See for nearly two years we have only had two working burners. My stove has caught fire so many times, that I just stopped counting. You know that joke when you hear the smoke alarm, dinner is done?

With all the cooking and canning I do, I really needed a new stove. Really I did. So Tuesday was the day. Lets go up and look at stoves. And we bought one. Our old one was so bad I don't dare put a photo up. So here is the empty cleaned out spot. We took it out last night in waiting for the new one today.

So it's funny we pay for the stove and decide to go and look at fridges, to check out prices for maybe a year or so down the road. See our fridge is really, really small. It's good for one or two people but the five of us. The handles are broken, shelves are broken. You open the door and stuff goes flying out.

Well they had one on clearance there, dirt cheap, in stainless, BIG and they would throw in free delivery? Hum how could we say no. So here is our old fridge.

Here is our new stove. Aint' it pretty?

New fridge, sooooooooooooooo much bigger. Ain't it pretty?

Now who will break it to hubby we need to repaint the kitchen the yellow just doesn't do it anymore? And the counters look terrible next to my new friends?


Kathy said...

Yes, that's the trouble with getting
new appliances. They look all shiny
and gorgeous and make everything else
look worn.

Your hubby will probably say "Why didn't you tell me before we replaced
the little fridge with this huge one?" about the painting.

Happy you can cook again!

Naptime Seamstress said...

So glad for you! About hubby and not realizing there's a problem until it affects him: I routinely talk about my "tools" - my blender, my mixer, etc. Naturally, I call these things my "tools" to my daughters while he's within earshot. Works nicely! *L*

Wendy Hawkinson said...

Congratulations on the new appliances. You should be able to can/bake/cook up a storm. *grin*
With all those burners you should have some time for stamping, right?

Wendy Hawkinson