Monday, August 3, 2009


So what does one do with over 20 pounds of peaches? They can them. Num, Num. I can not tell you how good my kitchen smelled tonight. OMG.

First up we did a batch of Peach Butter. I added cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. Oh the smell. Heavenly.

Next up I did Zesty Peach Barbecue's Sauce. I ended up doing two double batches. Separately of course. Two different pans. I can't wait to cook this up with some of my canned chicken. The smell was amazing.

Both recipes came from this book. A book I picked up this year and have used it many times so far. I will be picking up tomatoes on Sunday and doing some more Barbecue sauces next week. Things like this will be wonderful when I have about 20 minutes to cook dinner.

Go and get this wonderful book! I highly recommend it.


Chef Penny said...

Where's the recipe fo rthe zest barbeque sauce? Did I miss that? I'm totally moving to your neighborhood so I can get some num num!

Marcie said...

I got the recipe from the book. I can not share it. Get the book the recipe is soooooo worth it. OK email me off line.....

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