Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Update

We are painting the house....We narrowed it down to four colors. We have picked one....We'll show you later, we won't be painting for about a month or so. 

Got the garden planted. FINALLY. only running nearly two weeks late. 

Blogger will only let me upload four photos. so....But the garden is planted. have to do a garden post later. 

We are in the midst of putting in a watering system in the back yard. Like we have in the front yard. Nearly have part one done, it's broken down into 3 parts, well maybe four. Would love to get it all set up and on timers to free up my summer. I have a house to paint. A kitchen to re-do (more on that later). Mucking to do and a clean out of the goats. A play area to clean up. Plus a list a mile long from next door. We just built a mantel, we are close to installing it, either tomorrow or Tuesday, depends on how dry it is.
About 99% of the garden is planted. Tomorrow it should be 99.50% I have one tray left and a few odds and ends. Tomorrow starts the first round of fish poop, we will stake the ones that need staking, and next week work on staking the rest. Now that the heat wave is over, well one more day, it's time to get the garden in shape. 


Linda Heminway said...

Marcie, I'm glad things seem to be going more positively for you.
I do not like the green color. Well, the reason why is that it is the same color of my own house and I have grown to hate it. Don't do it! ; )
Glad the garden is coming along and things seem to be getting done.

Marcie said...

We are recovering. Just day by day here. So green was ruled out the second I put it up. The green is pretty. BUT it washes out the house, green on green on green. Just won't work. But stay tuned, hopefully in a month or so I'm painting the chosen color.