Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So we have an alarm on our driveway, anyone who walks or drives in the driveway and the alarm goes off. So I'm laying on the couch, and the alarm is going off like crazy, so I finally get up thinking the circus has come to town! My eyes were just not open, I glance and I see no one, so I continue to the bathroom, where I hit the hallway, my eyes bug open and I back track. IT'S A DEER!

This is the first deer in our yard, like ever. So I called the boys and grabbed the camera.

The deer nimbled on some strawberries and then walked ever so carefully around the fence and over to the neighbors. I had our cat going nuts, he couldn't understand what this thing was. 

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emaegf said...

Poor cat! Poor Marcie!
Well now you have to think about how to keep it out of the garden come next year. Once it found out you have a large buffet it'll be back.