Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Come Hell Or High Water!

Well of course we made goals and plan on sticking to them and then we were tested. And really don't feel like the testing is over. I feel like the testing is just beginning.
We plan on taking 2014 one day at a time. Aiming to pay down the Mortgage, save a wee bit of money.
The Mortgage challenge is starting. But first we were hit yesterday with a truck that broke down on the way to get hay. Hay guy towed hubby to his farm and then home. Luckily we don't live far apart. They got as far as the neighbors yard before quitting.
We then took the battery up for testing and really it's not that. Something could have jarred loose during hubby's ditch diving. I'm curious on the alternator, car guy thinks other things. But hubby installed the battery back in, had to go and get a new battery cable and with that it started right up. Then died. Then started, then died. Any who he made it to our driveway.
So hubby is having issues, working on the truck, we decided to call car guy and see if he will follow hubby to the shop and see what he can do with it. So that will come later in the week.
So I need to come up with money to pay for all of this.
Hit 2 came that night, when mother in law called and demanded hubby come up and help her take down Christmas. She wouldn't except another day, she wouldn't work around our schedule. So with our lack of gas in the van, I had to give up my Christmas money and put gas in the van for hubby to head north and help mom.
But I'm not letting all this stop us. I logged in and made not only the monthly payment but the extra on the Mortgage.
So I have 21 days to get the truck fixed and come up with money for that. And if not we are walking to the fed store and back and fourth with hay. I'm not caving right now the extra money for the house will not go towards the truck.
On a side note have you noticed all the top something of 2013? Lordy blog after blog. Well I's not one for looking back. I'm looking forward. I'm looking forward to Thursday night and having new Mortgage numbers. I'm looking forward to Friday and not only sticking to the budget, but slicing it. The more I get the food costs under control the more I can put towards the truck. I slacked off during the holiday's. I'm looking forward to finding time to blog about the new spice mixes I made. OH I'm in heaven. I've been using them and loving them. I need to make up more batches. I'm looking forward to blogging about a new pizza recipe. Came across it Monday and thought what the hell I will try pizza again, but it was a pizza roll, yeah that dough won't roll so we had pizza. Now I am NOT a gf fan, but dang it was so good. It was so good we did it again tonight.
I'm looking forward to cleaning out my freezers, my boys are so in love with zucchini bread lately. I'm doing a loaf a day to keep up with the boys. At this rate I will be out of zucchini in about two months.
I'm looking forward to starting second grade math with Cole next week. And the dang boy started reading. We went to the library yesterday well in town and we found him some books. So the boy who didn't think he couldn't read, the boy who would spend hours and hours reading Bob Books. Opened a book on the way home from the library and read it. He then read it over and over and over again. He then came home and read it to anything that would sit still long enough. What he doesn't know is I used some swag bucks and he has a copy of this book coming.
I'm looking forward to tearing apart the front garden and installing new beds. With a watering system, hopefully on timers. We will see how that goes. I'm looking forward to a great garden season. I'm looking forward (God help me) to a bigger canning season. As I'm hitting goodwill after goodwill and stocking up on jars. Two new totes of jars so far. I'm also toying with getting yet another dehydrator. Because I fear Big Daddy is really gone this time and I really don't have the time to try and fix it. So looking for one that shoots air from the bottom verses the back. And my commercial one the racks have big slots. We are also going to get liners for the commercial dryer. As fruit roll ups were a BIG hit this year and we have ten tons of strawberries to work with next year. With herbs you can't open a dryer with the air shooting from the back. But it's a debate with myself as I hate spending money.
I'm actually looking forward to taxes. This year it will be a safety net for us to get through the year. Right now we are flying without a net and it's scary. I'm praying this will be the first year we will do without medical bills. Well after I pay off this last one. 
So 2014 is set to be busy. I hope it's peaceful around here. Hope mom and I don't end up in a major fight. I'm sure trying to be civil. Hope the in laws last another year, not ready to deal with that yet.
So hoping the boys stop growing and we just have peace. But yeah, I have three boys, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 9 goats, and one very blind bunny. I don't see peace anywhere in that?

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