Friday, December 20, 2013


Stinking Cute Puppy
Yeah, we are all praying around here!
Cole is all done with first grade math. We learned how to borrow and carry and fractions this week. I also got the joy of teaching Ethan looooooong division this week. And Magically Tuck forgot how to borrow. huh? spent a whole evening working on that with him. We were both in tears but I think we will be ok?
Below freezing on Thursday BUT we got our new window. I'm really enjoying it.
Blind bunny snuck out and meet puppy. Dang bunny is bigger then the puppy.

This little guy is a very fast learner. After two nights whining at bedtime, that has stopped and he allows us to sleep at night. He is probably 90% peeing outside. Yesterday he actually ran to the door and asked to go out. But then today and with the storm be is refusing to pee outside. ARGGGGGG But we finally caught him in the act and was able to tap the butt and say NO and put him outside, so hopefully he gets it again? Just wish we could catch him pooping. We are on a schedule that when he wakes up from a nap he goes straight outside. But yeah doing really well.
Hubby and I are about to sit down and really work out a budget for the upcoming year. We really want to pay down the house and get to a point we can do a final re-fi and then have a payment we can actually afford. Although I worry I'm going too tight on budget and should back off a bit? Our to buy/fix list is ever so long. I still have medical to pay off. I am re-doing the front yard garden beds. Our windshield cracked on the way up to get the new tires we just saved for. Our TV is just about dead. Not only is this TV long before flat screens came out. But it's now b/w and the lines are sideways and moving. The last time we had it fixed the guy was like yea, I wouldn't bring it back. It's so old, no one might be able to fix it next time. And that was a few years ago.
Not to mention I have two dogs to fix. I would like a few dollars in the bank, just in case. And we have two birthdays coming up. So yeah need to sit down and take everything in and figure it all out. 

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emaegf said...

YAY!!!! You got the new window in!