Thursday, December 19, 2013

Barbie Clothes

So yeah, with three boys, I never thought I would get to make Barbie clothes. Well until I was talking to my sister about what to buy my niece? And she knows I'm cheap and only really get them one gift each. Kids they don't need much of anything. Well she said niece was into Barbie. So I bought a Barbie, and well then I made some clothes. I can not tell ya how easy it was to make the clothes. I actually plan on making a lot more, and maybe mailing her two outfits a month? I used this blog for the dress I highly suggest making one out of scraps first. On mine the top was not big enough. So I added about 1/2 inch and that made it perfect.
I LOVE how they turned out.

And here is the blog on the skirt  This was so beyond easy that I made 5. Kinda went a wee bit crazy. Same thing on the skirt make one out of scraps first. Mine was not long enough so I added about 1/2 inch.
And just to note apparently a naked Barbie freaks out Tucker. huh weird? Freaked him out. My model must where clothes at all times.
I would have died for Barbie clothes like this back in the day. Once we got our Barbie's we never got anything new. So our Barbie's had to where the same ole clothes over and over and over again. Infact all the Barbie stuff is in a box in my shed now. The model is an old Barbie of mine. Well at least I can spoil my niece?

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