Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Survived Christmas

Well let me set this for you. My mother called me on Christmas Eve after not calling me for over two months. And fully expected me up there for Christmas dinner. Really? you don't call me for two months. You want me to come home, and slave all night making dinner for us to take up and eat up there. Hum no. WHAT? NO.
Let me tell ya someone was PISSED and it wasn't me. No, I'm holding my ground of I right now fed my kids every meal and we don't eat out anywhere! I'm not pulling a dinner out of thin air. The boys want to be home.
My parents house, my cluttered parents house, you open gifts, then you sit around for hours on end well my mother keeps drinking and the tv is very loud and dad is snoring away.
Nope done.
Ethan opening the checker set. Love that face.
And then he opened Monopoly. The boy is a Monopoly FREAK. (so is his mother, he hasn't seen the cross stitch yet)
Tucker and two new babies.
Tucker is maybe an inch taller then this monkey. Santa brought him.
Cole scored ten tons of Little Pet Shop Stuff.
No name monkey yet.
So Stars and Cole has named this little lady Flower. Cole is over the moon with his new baby.
So my mother came down today gifts and all. I guess she has calmed down. And I held my temper when I saw all the gifts. See I put my foot down a few months ago, no more then three each. As my mother LOVES to shop Wal Mart Clearance. Nope done. Get them three good gifts each, put some thought into it. I don't care if you only spend ten dollars each, but think about your gifts. My house is so small, I don't need more clutter.
But of course my mother had to get around my new rule right? Oh the boys got three gifts each. BUT then she had three gifts for The Boys, as a group gift. Good Lord.
Christmas day here was nothing but quiet. As the kids played with the new toys from the in laws and from what we got them. They love being home and just playing, so glad I didn't take that away from them. Now that I have kids it's all about the kids. Back in the day I folded because it would just be me. But now with kids, it's all about them. And really don't care who I piss off in the process. 

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Jen said...

You did the right thing Marcie! I don't comment much, but I read every post you write on my email feed, and I really enjoy following your family. I first met you on the GFCFRecipes group on Yahoo and I had to follow your blog! :) You are truly inspiring. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!