Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Monkey's

Well Tuck has been wanting two new girl Monkey's. After birthing these two, he will only be getting one! This Yellow Monkey was nearly the death of my sewing career! She was a pain to put together, then once together I didn't like her face. So tore her all apart. Had major issues putting her back together, including her head was sewn sideways to the body at one point. Along the way the Pink Monkey came together really fast. Well except I sewed the belly to the back of the head. That is NOT recommended!
Tucker doesn't know he is getting a Monkey, But Cole knows he is getting one, he just doesn't know it's done and he is getting her for Christmas. It seems Stars wanted a sister. Cole picked out all the colors from the yellow ears to the dress. I do like the faces this time around. Much happy with the outcome.
This is Tucker's Monkey.

This is Cole's

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