Monday, December 9, 2013

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

You know the old saying Two Steps Forward and One Step Back. Yeah that was my day today as we headed to town for a heater and tires as we finally saved enough to get both off the list. Well except WAIT the windshield cracked. Has a lovely crack that does have to be replaced. So that was added to the list. We have our window being replaced soon. So we will get a quote then, when they come out. Next up on saving for list is the Family Reunion, would love to reserve our spot before the end of the year. Then a new windshield. Joy.  
I can not tell ya how cold it has been here. Cold is one thing and ok and yes we are not below zero. But our cadet heaters died three years ago and we have only had a space heater. I don't know if it's not throwing out much heat anymore or what, but we are just cold. A heater finally went on sale and I had just enough to purchase it. Suppose to be better and programmable. Although I have to read directions. Crap. But I will have it turn on 2 hours before we get up and shut down about 30 minutes after we go to bed.
Well the heater is going and the house is up to 62 degrees. Progress. It's so bad we have cats snuggling with dogs.
I also took the Christmas Card photo. Had a lot of lovely outtakes.
hum yeah.
The young one cracks me up.
After the photo we played Tie Ethan Up.
Did I tell ya about my three new babies?

I have three orange trees in my kitchen. They are made to live in my area. Although when I plant them next year I will have to make a make shift green house for them. I worry about them.

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