Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Curve Ball

Then life throws us a curve ball. After so many prayers, praying just for a little bit of money to finish getting us over this current bump in the road. Our prayers were answered as I was opening mail Tuesday morning. We received a check from out of the blue. I was in tears knowing it was the answer to my prayers, and we will be over the current bump and this moves us into a good place in life.
So we took back the space heater we brought on Monday. It was ok but not doing what we needed it to do. We in turn was able to buy two wall heaters and after three years our cadet heaters were replaced. The one in the living room burnt out and the one in the dining room was costing a fortune to run.
There was enough money left over for my Christmas Gift. (Food Processor) Had to live without one when you have the garden the size I do.
This now sets us up to a good place. We will be able to pay for the family reunion this week. We will then start to save for the windshield that cracked. We've been able to update and rearrange our to do (to save for) list. Well keep paying down the current medical bill.
My biggest fear is starting the Mortgage Challenge in 2 weeks and 6 days. Although now that we are over this bump we have been stuck on for awhile, things look better.
I can not tell ya after 3 years how good it is to be warm. We were so warm last night I could hardly sleep. Then got up and going this morning because the bed was too warm. I have been moving all day as I'm not curled up in blankets and layers of clothes. Feels good to be up and going.

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