Friday, November 22, 2013

This Week

It's a very coooooooooooooooooold week. A lot of curling up and staying warm.
This was in the goats water one morning.
And this is the mess it made.
And this child. This baby of mine finished up first grade math. This is the child you can not leave alone with math because he will keep going and going and going. He wears me out at times. So before starting second grade math we are taking a break. We will finish up the DK first grade math, So I am sure he understands what he is doing. We will probably start second grade after the first of the year.
This is also the child where I will ask Ethan what is the square root of 16 and Cole says 4. WHAT? Where my husband is like what is a square root?
Yeah, someone has mommies math brain.
This is also my child who WANTS to read. He reads to me for about 30-60 minutes a day, on top of that me reading to him. But that is ok if he is reading my life is easier!
So math break next week and this will allow Daddy to catch up. Daddy has dropped the ball a bit as we've been hit with all sorts of things. We've had two window guys. Errands. Neighbors moving. This and that. And Ethan and I have some serious pie making to do!


emaegf said...

So is the window fixed now?

Marcie said...

Urg no. So window guy 1# came out and said glass only, will email you a quote. It's been how long and how many calls and no quote. They finally sent it to our address. Freaked out because now they want to replace the whole window. But the guy said glass only? So had window guy 2# out. He said whole window. So ok. So Hubby is heading over tomorrow to "chat" as to when they can pay the nearly 400 dollars. They have to put half down so they can order a window, it will be 1-2 weeks after that. I can not tell ya how cold my room is. My biggest fear is the neighbor will not pay this. We shall see?