Friday, November 8, 2013

Mortgage Challenge

So after much debate, starting on 1/3/14 we plan on restarting the Mortgage Challenge.
I have re-worked the numbers so many times over. It will be tight, it will be painful BUT I think we can do it. To go from 122,999. to about 109k would be a dream.
There was a debate on rather to send our tax return to Mortgage. BUT I think we will put that in the bank as a back up. So the next time the brakes go out we are not freaking out. The next time a BB goes through the window we are not cursing. The next time we are 5 dollars short on gas, we will be ok. Take it day by day and hope for the best? Just 365 days right? Just 8,760 hours right? Just 525,600 minutes right? we can do that right? IDK either, But it's worth a shot. It will put us in a much better place money wise. It will be a relief, it will just help. "if" we can get to under 100k we will look into re-fing to get rid of pmi and to have a smaller payment all around, but who knows where the rates will be at that time?
I'll keep you posted as we go. Although I worry now that I've thrown it out into the world something again will stop us? But I'm working hard now to pay off medical, so we shall see?

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