Friday, March 29, 2013

If You Blink...

The days around here are like that, If you blink you will miss something!

Tucker finished up second grade math on Wednesday. He now has a week and a half break.

Ethan finished up his math book. I do two different math's. I like DK to supplement Saxon. Because of DK I was able to smooth Tucker into the times table. So when he came across them in Saxon he didn't freak, there were no tears. And if you know Tucker there are always tears. Same with Ethan it just helps smooth the kids from one new math concept to another. Ethan will be done with third grade math shortly.

The boys are getting a new play area. You see the area on top of the goat feeding area? Yep. We are on the hunt for a slide. But the garden comes first, so it will be a work in progress this summer.

We got 15 yards of dirt today. I can not begin to tell ya how sore I am at this moment. We are filling new beds, topping off old beds. Even put the neighbor kid to work. I will be here until we are done. We have rain coming in on Thursday so we ordered this early. The guy was two hours late, so hubby had to leave for work. So hoping to work our tails of and be done by Thursday. Hubby has next week off, well most of it. And there is way too much to do around here.

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