Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Herb Area

Do you see it? Do you see the vision? We started brick by brick, it took us hours to lay it out and figure it out. But I think we have it? If you don't see the vision you will as we go. Basically the pots will sit there, we will fill dirt around the pots. Top with a weed blocker and top with mulch or something else. So all the bricks have been bought. Now working on buying the pots. Math wise I won't have enough herbs. OH Darn right? But this will allow me to keep expanding and growing next year.

We won't know until all pots are bought if we can house 28-36 pots on each side.

The middle is double bricked because of this stump. Hubby has tried to burn it, then he axed it, yeah lets just bury it.

We have big plans for the front here, a really cool walk way. Don't know if it will be a project this year or not. Many things on our plate this spring.

Bella says HI! She's a bit ratty from winter. They all need to be hosed down, and hooves trimmed.


emaegf said...

Save some of the pots for the herbs that spread and add more plants to the bed.
Mushrooms for the stump? They are supposed to break down the remaining wood so why not get some good food out of them at the same time.

Marcie said...

Except for that pesky mushroom allergy the boys have.

emaegf said...

Darn that won't work either then.
Bore a hole(s) in the stump and plant herbs in a pot set into the stump. If you can't get rid of at least you can make it look pretty. :)