Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

So the boys are working really hard. They just had a week off and LOVED it and they want another week off. BUT you have to work hard for it. Well the three boys are neck in neck racing to finish their math books. Now when Cole is in his groove he can do his math, he is a math whiz, when he wants to be. There are times I set up his book go and help his brothers and come back and he is just done. So they have something going they all three wanted to finish up their books. Well Cole pulled ahead and finished it last Thursday. I gave him a math break until after our second spring break.

I think Tucker is next. We shall see? I will order Tucker's new books over spring break. Cole will move into first grade second book. And Ethan well, let's just say dividing is hard. He is getting it but it's taking time. Can't tell ya how many times I had to explain something to hubby well explaining it to Ethan. Slows us way down. Yeah, fourth grade just excites me!

Next. Spring. YES, Spring is here. And oh is it glory. I didn't want to go in today, but yet didn't have a lot to do outside, in the front yard. So I broke out the mower and mowed our yard and the neighbors yard. Yep, that crazy lady with the purple mower was off mowing yards. Ethan wanted to learn how to drive the mower, Although he lacks weight and height, so he either has peddle trouble or weight on the seat trouble. But we worked it out and here he is driving up and down the road. Scared to death, but he LOVED it.

Next, Did I mention Spring???? As of today our night time temps should not drop below 40 degrees. So it was time to move our starts outside. And it was time to start the veggies. OH has it been a day. Got the starts outside and organized. Got all the veggies seeded and labeled. I somehow have a flat left over. After some thought I think I will go and start some more things for the neighbor. I do starts for her but after thinking I don't think I did a wide enough mix for her. I also have a heater set up out there now. We will run it in the morning when we get up, during the day probably turn it off and run it again after dinner until bed. I hope it really helps this year. Now need a good temp watcher, ours just broke so i'm running out there every so often.

Now a What NOT To Do. I don't know how the hell I did this? But last summer, I put seeds away and labeled them, and put them away for the winter. Well I go to pull out my seeds and find this. Seriously? I marked it Icing and put it away? Seriously? Just yurks me, I have two jars of seeds and don't know what the hell they are? Now I"m growing a few seeds to see if I can figure it out.

But spring has showed up. So happy to be outside and in the Sun. Out cleaning beds and moving and doing things. Next Monday we have about ten yards of dirt coming in. Hubby has the week off and we are getting everything just done. Beds will be done, a list a mile long will be done. Hopefully I can take photos as I go. The herb area will be looking snazzy and we are doubling some beds for carrots and parsnips. Filling the new beds, topping off some older beds. Lots to do but I see an end in sight. Exciting stuff around here. Well then holding tight until the end of May to start planting. But it's OK I should have plenty to keep me busy????

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emaegf said...

If you haven't figured out what your "Icing" seeds are yet post pics I may know but I need to see the seeds.