Friday, March 1, 2013


So got an email today...From my Mortgage company congratulating me on it being a year. I'm thinking yeah, and how much did you make off of me in one year? Appx. $5196. To me that is just unreal. On the other hand we have paid down the mortgage by $2157.

This month we will hit our first Mortgage goal of 125,000 even. So that will be nice. What we say around here is 125k never again. Meaning we won't ever be above 125k again. At this moment we have no plans to re-fi. Although if our Mortgage company calls we will be asking, because hey you can ask, might not get it, but it would be nice.

Right now we are saving to pay cash for hubby's newer truck. After that is bought we plan on paying down the house.We would like to see 100k soon. It's do-able in a two year time frame if we really bust our tails around here. We may re-fi at that time to get a lower monthly payment. Our biggest worry is something will happen and we can't make the big mortgage payment we have now. By reducing it and if something happens maybe we can make it? IDK we will make that call another day.

So our goals right now is to work hard to save for hubby's newer truck. Well paying a little bit down on the house. Well not touching the savings. I have put into place a new budget and it's so ever tight. I'll have a new Mortgage goal as soon as I make March's payment.

On the other hand we had a spike in our energy bill. So during a money class day, I explained to the kids the energy bill and how I really can't afford it. So we need to get tough on how much energy we are using. I need lights turned off, I need heaters off. We also try and have the house heater off for 1-2 hours a night, plus when we are in bed it's off. One month later, our bill was reduced by 60 dollars and it fell within budget. So I thanked the kids and told them to keep it up. Because if the bills fall within budget then I can afford food. The kids like to eat.

So onto our very tight budget. Hoping, and taking things day to day. I can't wait for the day we can just pay and pay and pay down the house.


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