Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Flash: Green House Exploded In House!

My house looks like a green house exploded in it. And honestly it's fine by me. After last year we decided we would start in the house, once they are going and weather depending they would move to the green house. Although not everything is going now. Just the tomatoes and onions and a few herbs. The onions are going insane which is lovely to see. OH the boys started their trays.

You can't read the tag, but it says Holy B. I'm growing a Holy Basil, And Emily along with a few others. So exciting around here.


These are bought don't get excited. I'm good, but not that good.

Watching them grow.

Our current outside project as weather allows. You see that grass pile? Well it's actually a bed. Yeah, year after year I dig it out, I plant, I dig out the plants, the grass regrows and I end with nothing. So we dug up all the grass. We have removed the wood. Hubby has plastic over it to "burn" it, don't know how anything will  burn in this weather? Hubby is off for a few days next week, our goal is to get all beds ready for a load of compost we have coming in at the end of March.

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