Saturday, March 2, 2013

Obsessive Gardener?

So I'm reading a gardening blog last night. It's one I check out many times a week. Last nights post, was about being an Obsessive Gardener, well yes that is me. BUT, you can't call yourself one unless you have Hens & Chicks. I thought huh? really? huh?

Well I have had hens and chicks on the brain and thinking on them lately. But really they are not food so why use up garden space for them? But on the other hand I do like looking at them. So OK I cave. But now how do I get some? They are running 3 dollars each at Trader Joe's. And we all know I won't pay that! The nurseries I checked out on Thursday are running 3 dollars each as well. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking. DUH Seeds.

Went to look up my seed guy and another person popped up and before I know it for the price of two hens and chicks I have 212 seeds coming. Spent last night instead of sleeping, thinking about where I can place these in the garden as not to take up food space, but yet, be allowed to grow and spread. Figured out the perfect spot. So as I get the seeds and get them started (not all 212) and planting them I will let you all know.

I can now call myself an Obsessive Gardener. I can now die happy! Although way too busy to die right now. As Spring is creeping up on me. And we have a LOT to do.

As Spring is creeping up we try and take care of small projects as weather allows. One of the small projects was to install a bed in the green house. We bought the bricks yesterday and today we installed it. This was the before.

My Fruit Punch Mint is doing so very well over the winter. I will plant it later in the garden later this Spring.

The after, but not fully done. We are going to cut the braces and have them rest on the brick so we can even out the bricks. The bed is NOT as big as I was hoping. But it will hold lettuce over the winter. It will hold peppers this summer. The spaces will hold radishes, green onions, and herbs this next winter. In turn saving us about ten dollars a week. As we eat salads daily for lunch.

Obsessive Gardener? YEP.

Takes Straight Photos? NOPE

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