Friday, March 1, 2013

Got Seeds?

I Do! Hundreds of packets of seeds. From Organic to Heirloom to Ed Hume. Love them all. What you don't see is about 20 different tomatoes and tons of herbs. Yesterday I stopped at Fred Meyer they have a 50% off coupon, I took in my list and filled my cart. My total was over 100 dollars. Between the coupon and discount my total was about 30 dollars. So I'm just about all set. I had to come home and order a few things I couldn't find. Like purple cabbage? Grape tomatoes. I will be trying sweet sorghum this year and got those seeds the other day. I will be trying about 4 different types of butternuts. I will be using the seeds I saved from last year along with new seeds to not only make sure I collected right, but my seeds grow. I want to do more seed saving this year.

I ordered all sorts of herbs over the winter I will be starting those soon. The onion seeds I started have been taking off and spouting all ready. I will be starting the shallot seeds when they show up.

Today I got all the brick I needed to put a bed in the green house. And soon hubby will have a few days off so we have lots to do. We have a garden and a yard to get ready. Exciting stuff happening around here.

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