Monday, February 25, 2013

Leek Math

Had an interesting math lesson today. So take a package of leeks, and count them. All 518 seeds. Then take the price. 1.79 at Fred Meyer there is a 50% coupon making this .89 cent, BUT add in our discount now making it .76 cents. OK divide .76 cents by 518 is it costs .0015 per seed. So with a leek costing in the store at 1.50 each. Let's say magically all the seeds grow, by growing our own leeks we will be saving 776 dollars.

Now I have two packs of seeds and yes, I may grow them all. I like to dice them up and freeze them and toss them into my stir fry's. And right now I'm almost out, that is telling me I didn't grow enough. 

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